RC Racing Starting over the Holiday Break

Whereas the Christmas / New Year’s break is a busy time for the Crawlers out there, Racing goes dormant in it’s off season apart from a whole lot of maintenance going on in some quarters.  Most racing clubs are starting up racing this or next weekend, so why not post up your details in the comments section here and let everybody know what your club is doing and where.  Even better, give us the details to add to our links page!

I never considered myself a Racing driver, more like a basher, taking my cars out to somewhere fun top play when I had the time, but with a young family, and being busy at work my opportunities were becoming less and less.  And then a local club started up in my area running electric off road cars and so I went along and had a look.  And form there, I was hooked.  It really is very fun, competing against others, as well as yourself to better your lap times really is fantastic fun!  Fairly soon my RC car collection morphed into vehicles that were being raced at my club, and I was using them more than ever!

So if you are into RC cars, or simply interested in starting out, go to your local club and see what it is all about.  Loan or rent a car if you can and have a go, it really is a blast.  Whether it’s F1 cars, touring cars, electric off road or nitro off road, get out to your local club and have a look!

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