ECX at the Nürnberg Toy Fair

ECX, a new player in the RC scene at the budget end, have some fantastic products, and have released a few new ones this week!

The Torment is one such vehicle in the always popular Short Course Truck category.  However now it will be available in a 4wd RTR package as well, coming fitted with a Dynamite 15T brushed motor, ca Speedpack 8.4V 7-Cell NiMH battery pack, Spektrum DX2E transmitter and a waterproof Spektrum SR201 receiver.

The Circuit Stadium Truck is another vehicle that has had a 4wd system fitted to it as well.   And in the refresh, I have to say looks like a much meaner vehicle!

1622526_673121086074121_2017330142_oThe last ECX update is to the Torment Monster Truck, which as with the other two vehicles, has benefited from the upgrade to 4wd (I never got the appeal of a 2wd monster truck myself).


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