Losi at the Nürnberg Toy Fair

Losi has some big releases for the Toy Fair, and we really do mean BIG!!

To begin with, the LST has once again been refreshed with the LST XXL-2.   Now one of the biggest changes is in fuel type, this is not a nitro truck, but a Gas machine.  Whilst HPI has been promising the Savage Octane for, well years now, Losi has gotten it’s act together and actually released a gas powered 8th scale monster truck.

Features of the new LST XXL-2 include AVC, Spektrum 2.4ghz radio, roto start, Dynamite .31 Cubic Inch Gasoline Engine, 2 speed gearbox and 300cc fuel tank.  I can’t help but think that this looks like a winner as long as any bugs have been ironed out of the engine.


The other even BIGGER news is 5ive Mini WRC RTR.  Yes, a 5th scale rally car hot on the heels of the Desert Buggy XL. Now I love Rally cars, RC and 1:1, but this huge unit looks like an absolute blast!   All this awesomeness does come at a price, and that looks to be about $2000 making the Desert Buggy XL a cheaper option, but you get a lot for your money,  I mean EFI!  This is what losi had to say:

This officially licensed replica of the John Cooper Works (JCW) World Rally Championship (WRC) MINI Countryman personifies the essence of rallycross performance with an outstanding design and authoritative 4WD power. To better power through the off-road the 5IVE MINI WRC is equipped with a powerful 29cc gasoline engine, and an extremely capable shaft driven 4wd drive train with 3 viscous differentials for even power distribution. The patent-pending Spektrum™ AVC (Active Vehicle Control) technology system has been included so drivers can make the most of the high speed potential of the 5IVE MINI WRC regardless of the driving environment.

Immensely Powerful DYNAMITE® 29cc Engine: To deliver the best possible rallycross experience the 5IVE MINI WRC has been supercharged with the most powerful engine ever used in a Losi vehicle. This highly capable 29 CC gasoline engine enables dynamic low end torque and efficient run times.

R.O.S.S. Remote Operated Start and Stop System: The MINI WRC comes equipped with the Remote Operated Start and Stop System (R.O.S.S.), which allows drivers to start and stop the engine with the push of a button. Long gone are the hassles associated pull start engines and hex tools, in a matter of seconds the 5IVE MINI WRC is ready to conquer the outdoors with authority.

Surefire™ EFI System: The 5IVE MINI WRC engine comes equipped with the Surefire electronic fuel injection system. This intuitive system features advanced electronic fuel injection for smooth and reliable operation for better efficiency and allaround performance. EFI also makes starting easier than ever so you wont need to worry about tuning a carburetor or touch a needle-valve to enjoy an easy start.

From the Losi Facebook page, their large scale vehicles together at the 2014 Toy Fair.
From the Losi Facebook page, their large scale vehicles together at the 2014 Toy Fair. With a body over the chassis, the Mini looks HUGE!

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