HPI at the Nürnberg Toy Fair

HPI so far has had disappointingly little new in the way of products.  Just before the show they released an updated Savage XL, and many were hoping for the long awaited Savage Octane Gas powered models, but alas nothing.  The racers in the community were hoping for a hot bodies 2wd buggy, maybe a D214?  But alas, nothing there.

What HPI did surprise us with was the Cue 1:32 scale buggy!  Designed for maximum fun in the tiniest size possible it is small enough to fit in your hand but packed with action and excitement.  The Cue is a lightweight yet tough buggy that will have you building tiny ramps and racetracks across your living room or dining room table!  With a built in lipo that charges from the controller, it may not fall into the category of a hobby rc car for some, but it certainly looks like fun, and produces a good turn of speed.  No word on price just yet.


HPI did post a tongue in cheek preview of the Cue on their facebook channel which gives a better idea of it’s scale, however it is an unlisted video, so check it out directly at http://youtu.be/en4SmfRd0eU


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