Serpent at the Nürnberg Toy Fair

I know, it feels like I am constantly posting about new products the last couple of days, but there are so many new and exciting cars that have been released! has posted some great information about the Serpent offerings at the Toy Fair.  Check it all out here–serpent.html .

As well as the recently released, and very nice, Spyder SRX2 RM and SRX2 MM there was a RTR version of the Rear Mount car, which is an exciting prospect for those racing on a budget.

One of the most interesting offerings is the Spyder SRX2 RM 2WD Short Course Truck. Based on the Spyder 2WD buggy the truck features a moulded composite chassis with very large side guards that take lexan shields in order to improve the jumping characteristics by reducing the parachute effect created by the large SC bodies. The shields reduce the amount of air that finds its way into the body during jumping making for a more stable flight. Other features include all-alloy big bore shock absorbers, a high torque ball differential, carbon fibre shock towers and a newly designed SC body. Beside the full-blown competition truck there will also be a club level variant under the newly formed Serpent Sport label. The truck comes with slightly simplified shocks, composite shock towers and battery mount as well as some other “cost efficient” solutions in order to target the budget racer. The Sport truck will at least come as RTR, maybe also as roller without electronics. The competition version is set for a May release, the RTR variant may hit the stores a month later.

There are also some interesting 1:8 scale on road and off road offerings, but rather than repost it all, head over to the source 😉–serpent.html .

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