Results from the DHI Cup in Denmark

It was a big weekend in Denmark for the International DHI Cup being run indoors on carpet.  Encompassing On Road and Off Road electric cars, some of the biggest manufacturers and drivers were in action on the track in this event in it’s 14th running.  It was interesting to see that those who were victorious are not who you may have expected at this event either.

In 4wd Buggy it was the names and Manufacturers that you expect to see high up the list, however the surprises come in 2wd where Tom Cockerill from Schumacher topped the charts at the end of the day, with a very strong showing from the Team C drivers in their new buggy.  It is fantastic to see vehicles form some of the smaller manufacturers well up the finishing order in a class that is increasing in strength in Australia in recent years along with 4wd Buggy.

4WD Buggy Overall Result
1. Jörn Neumann (DE) – Team Durango – 2 pts
2. Martin Bayer (CZ) – Team Xray – 3
3. Jesper Rasmussen (DK) – Team Associated – 6
4. Tom Cockerill (GB) – Schumacher – 8
5. Oskar Levin (SE) – Team C – 9
6. Joakim Nicolaisen (NO) – Team Associated – 11
7. Kim Nielsen (DK) – Team Xray – 11
8.Simon Moss (GB) – Schumacher – 14
9. David Hassel (SE) – Team Xray – 16
10.Niclas Månsson (SE) – Team Associated – 18

2WD Buggy Overall Result
1. Tom Cockerill (GB) – Schumacher – 2 pts
2. Jörn Neumann (DE) – Team Durango – 3
3. Oskar Levin (SE) – Team C – 4
4. Kim Nielsen (DK) – Team C – 6
5. Jesper Rasmussen (DK) – Team Associated – 7
6. Niclas Månsson (SE) – Team Associated – 10
7. Jonas Kaerup (DK) – Team Associated – 12
8. Villalba Zacarias (ES) – Team C – 14
9. Martin Bayer (CZ) – Team Xray – 16
10.Thomas Andersson (SE) – Schumacher – 17

Mod Touring Car Overall Result
1. Ronald Völker (DE) – Yokomo – 2 pts
2. Viljami Kutvonen (FI) – Awesomatix – 3
3. Marc Rheinard (DE) – Tamiya – 5
4. Alexander Hagberg (SE) – Xray – 6
5. Marc Fischer (DE) – Serpent – 9
6. Adrian Berntsen (NO) – Xray – 11
7. Steen Graversen (DK) – Awesomatix – 11
8. Jan Ratheisky (DE) – Serpent – 13
9. Tim Benson (DE) – Xray – 14
10.David Ehrbar (DE) – Serpent – 18

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TLR Releases 8IGHT-T 3.0 Truggy

Overnight Team Losi Racing has announced the release of the all new 8ight-T 3.0 truggy!

A great truggy starts with a great buggy. The 8IGHT-T™ 3.0 truggy benefits from the same engineering and expertise that made the 8IGHT™ 3.0 buggy a ROAR National Champion. Everything from the suspension geometry to the body and wing design has been refined so it is easier for racers of all skill levels to drive faster and lower lap times. This superb handling, combined with ability to handle the most powerful engines and toughest tracks, make the 8IGHT-T 3.0 truggy a true contender for the world stage.


The suspension geometry is refined to give racers of all skill levels a neutral handling truggy that is easy to drive fast. 15-degree, non-inclined caster blocks raise the spindle, allowing the vehicle to soak up bumps with less dog bone plunge. Redesigned front arms improve front wheel clearance and increase steering throw. Camber and shock locations on the shock towers are optimized for quick and easy tuning.

The large bore shocks are easier to tune and include machined tapered pistons and shock bushings for greater precision. The tapered shock springs provide more spring-to-arm clearance and a progressive rate that keeps the ride plush over rough sections of track while still providing plenty of bottoming resistance for landing large jumps. Larger volume bladders with improved durability are also included.

The kit comes with an impressive collection of optional parts that includes lightweight outdrives, a lightweight spur gear, adjustable hinge pin braces, a hard-anodized flywheel, an aluminum servo saver top, aluminum rear bearing inserts and more.

The Gen 3 Radio tray provides better weight distribution and helps prolong servo life with molded index points that improve linkage alignment. A ball bearing-mounted throttle tri-horn keeps engine response smooth and precise. The switch location has been moved for easier access and the metal J-nut that secures the battery box reduces wear on the radio tray from chassis flex.

The body is a refined version of the revolutionary 8IGHT-T 2.0 truggy’s cab forward body. It’s complemented by a new rear wing with larger side plates that improves air flow and provides greater down force. An optional wickerbill system is included so you can fine tune stability for different track conditions.

Key Features:
  • Improved Suspension Geometry
  • 16mm Shocks and Tapered Springs
  • Optional Parts Included
  • Gen 3 Radio Tray
  • Improved Body & Wing
  • Front and Rear, Center Dogbone
  • Adjustable Aluminum Front and Rear Pivots With Inserts
  • Aluminum Top Servo Saver
  • Brake Caliper Springs
  • Aluminum Bearing Inserts
  • Lightweight Outdrives
  • TiCN Shock Shafts and Hinge Pins
  • Ball Bearing Steering Rack
  • Rear Ring and Pinion Gear
  • Improve Droop Screws
  • Metal Servo Inserts


Source: TRL

Feature Race: 2014 AARCMCC Neo+ TAS State Title

2014 AARCMCC Neo+ TAS State Title

Doubling as the first round of the National 8th Scale Nitro Off Road Series, this is one of the biggest race meets in the Tasmanian Racing calendar.

When: 24-26th of January 2014
Where: Latrobe Speedway, Latrobe, Tasmania
Classes: 1:8th I.C. OFF ROAD Buggy Pro and Sportsman Class, 1:8th I.C. OFF ROAD Truggy Pro and Sportsman Class, 1:8th EP Offroad Buggy
RC Tech Thread:
Online Entries: and follow the prompts

Please note, if you wish to enter your buggy or truggy in Sportsman class you must also register your buggy or truggy in the pro class as well….otherwise Slyfox will not recognise your entry into the Sportsman’s class.

This event is strictly limited to 120 drivers in total, please note the drivers acceptance will based when you have paid rather then nominated.

Poster for Event

HPI Vaughn Jr Gittin Jr. Nitro 1969 Mustang RTR-X

Want to enjoy tire slaying in a 1969 Mustang RTR-X but want more noise than the Sprint 2 electric version?  Well wait no longer because HPI have released the Nitro RS4 3 Evo + version of the same car so you can enjoy your drifting at full noise!action_shots

World Champion Drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. and the Need for Speed crew teamed up to build this one-of-a-kind, fully-functional Street, Track and Drift machine, and this is the official, authorized RC nitro replica, powered by HPI Nitro muscle! While Vaughn will be the only one thrashing the full-size car, the entire world will be able to enjoy driving the HPI Nitro 1/10th version: The Nitro RS4 3 Evo+! With the 1969 Mustang RTR-X body on our super-popular Nitro on-road platform, you’ll get a combination that will inspire tire-burning, smoke-churning fun for grins and speed wherever you go!chassis_callout_x

This car is loaded with goodies: a 2.2hp HPI T3.0 engine fitted with an adjustable 2-speed transmission for ground-stomping acceleration and superfast top speeds, full-time 4WD for supreme control and acceleration, steel shaft drivetrain that lets you shrug off road debris that would halt a belt-drive car in its tracks,waterproof electronics so you don’t have to   worry about wet conditions and a 2.4GHz radio system that lets you have worry-free fun!


Can you help, want to be a part of the Aussie RC Team?

As I mentioned in my introduction in the first post of Aussie RC News, we want to cover as many aspects of RC cars and events that surround them as possible, and we need your help in covering those events!

Yes, this is a calling all writers and photographers post!  We are recruiting for more writers in a range of disciplines around the country.  You do not have to be Shakespeare, Bill Gates or Atsushi Hara to write for us, but have a solid knowledge of one area of RC, as well as the RC scene in your area.

If you think you fit the bill then put together an application/resume together with at least one example of your writing and send it to us at and help us spread the RC news around Australia!

Feature Race: Summer Slam II, Red Dirt Revenge

A quiet day in RC, so I thought I would feature another event coming up in January!

Summer Slam II, Red Dirt Revenge

When: 18th of January 2014
Where: Wodonga Off Road Track.
Classes: 2wd: MOD, STOCK, 21.5/540, 4WD: MOD, STOCK, TRUCK: 10.5, SCT: 10.5, 1/8 Nitro Buggy
RC Tech Thread:
Online Entries: and follow the prompts

Team Novak now Novak R/C

And it’s more than just a name change.  From their facebook page and website:

Effective January 1, 2014, Novak Electronics, Inc. will be operating under a new entity named Novak R/C, Inc. Bob Novak, President and co-founder of Novak Electronics will retain partial ownership in the new company, and will continue to focus his efforts in product development. Bob’s daughters, Linda Novak Logan and Laura Novak-Roesgen, and Novak’s Engineering Director, Adnan Khan, all whom have been with Novak Electronics for over 25 years, complete the ownership. The management and design teams for Novak R/C will remain the same.

“We are excited for Novak R/C to continue the Novak legacy and bring innovative product to our customers. We will also maintain the high level of standards of customer service on all Novak products,” commented Bob Novak.

It will be interesting to see if this will result in an expansion or contraction of the Novak line of electronics, however it looks morere like it is handing the keys to a new generation to me!

Feature Race: The Inaugural 2014 IMCC Cup

As some of you may have seen, we have a racing calendar on this site where we try and capture as many major race meetings as possible into one handy location.  However we thought as we got information about events, we would feature information about them here on Aussie RC.

The Inaugural 2014 IMCC Cup

When: 17-19th of January 2014
Club: Illawarra Model Car Club
Where: Guest Park, Cambridge Ave, Fairy Meadow, Illawarra, NSW.
Classes: Nitro Pull Start, 1:8 Scale GT and Pro Touring Cars. Electric 21.5 Blinky, Stock 13.5 Blinky, Modified, Mini and Formula 1
RC Tech Thread: