More new vehicles from HPI

Ok, so I’m guilty of ragging on HPI for not coming out with much new for some time, and what do they do, bury me in a flood of releases from the recent International Toy Fair!

So this time we have a refresh of the venerable E-Firestorm platform for 2014.  Featuring the waterproof 3s capable Flux EMH-3S Brushless system as well as new 2014 graphics that I have to say look pretty good!


Next is another Vaughn Gittin Jr. 69 Mustang RTR-X.  We already have the Flux 2 and Nitro RS4 3 Evo+ version, now we have a Micro version on the 1:18 Micro RS4 platform.  I think you will have to agree with me that it looks absolutely amazing!


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