24HR @ Adrenalin Arena in Melbourne.

Adrenalin Arena hosted a 24hr race on the 31st of January. Racing kicked off at 8pm, with five teams entering the event. The cars were powered and limited to 21.5 turns Blinky utilizing any 1/10th touring car chassis. The race started with the usual paint swapping and body banging, but quickly settled down to a nice rhythm. With only five teams competing there was plenty of time to form strategies. The A Team quickly pulled away followed closely by Team Hack, Team Munster, Team Arena and Makers Maulers all followed in that order. The first round of battery changes had the teams scrambling.The A team was the slickest at the change and was quickly back on track and making a good gap to the second place Team Hack whilst the remaining teams all got back on track a couple of laps down. Team Arena fried a motor in the first hour after showing some good pace.









The motor and gear ratio changes cost them a few laps but were back on track and putting in some good times. After a couple of hours of taking pictures I left the teams to settle in for the long haul.
On my return I was greeted by some very tired drivers, a little worse for wear but at least standing. Sports drinks seem to be the chosen poison given the hot conditions. By this stage the gap between the first two teams was only 75 laps or so! Makers Maulers had dropped out after completing 1533 laps with mechanical trouble, still a decent effort all things considered. Fighting fatigue by this stage was causing the drivers to make small errors but this was effecting everyone. Through blood shot eyes the teams made there last driver changes. The drivers coming off the stand collapsed into the nearest chairs for a quick breather and some shut eye. By the time the last half hour presented it self, buoyed on by the impending finish all teams were wide awake and encouraging their drivers on. The last few minutes of the race finished like a sprint race, the drivers hoping to get one extra lap on the others.

1st The A Team – 4798 laps (705.305km)
2nd Team Hack – 4714 laps (692.958km)
3rd Team Munster – 4086 laps (600.642km)
4th Team Arena – 3449 laps (507.003km)
5th Maker’s Maulers – 1533 laps (225.351km)
These are the final results.
I congratulate all the finishers, job well done.

Report and Photos
Damien Christidis

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