Just when you thought it was safe to come out, HPI release more new kits!

Yes, HPI have just released another handful of new kits today on their facebook page!

On of the most interesting ones to me was something that HPI have not done for some time to my knowledge, and released the Sprint 2 Challenge, a chassis only kit of the Sprint 2 to which you can add your own Electrics, Wheels, Tyres and Body.  Drifter, racer, basher, make it your own whatever that is!  Not sure about price, and if it comes built or in parts, but I suspect it will be a very good option for many people.

sprint 2 challenge

Still staying on the Sprint 2, and the RTR Sprint 2 Flux has had an upgrade with a new body for 2014. With a very orange looking BMW M3 E92 body fitted, this vehicle sports a waterproof LiPo compatible speed controller, waterproof steering servo and waterproof receiver case, Vektor 5900 kV Brushless Motor and Waterproof Flux Vapor ESC

sprint 2 flux BMW

Staying in 1:10 scale, next we have Dai Yoshihara Discount Tire Falken Tire S13 Nitro RS4 3 Drift!  With the RS4 platform arranged for drifting (see photos below) , this screamer would be fantastic fun on any piece of pavement.

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Now I have developed a recent affinity for Global Rallycross, so this release, while small, is fairly exciting for me.  HPI have released 2 more vehicles on their RS4 Micro 1:18 platform, they are licensed versions of the #81 Bucky Lasek and #11 Sverre Isachsen Subaru PUMA Global Rallycross Team Subaru Impreza WRX STI!  Featuring a full time 4WD ready to run chassis and 2.4 GHz radio system for all day rallycross fun and excitement!   They look fantastic, and could sure be a lot of fun!

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