Feature Race: 2014 HEI and Ryper Hobbies AARCMCC Australia 10th EP Off Road Tasmanian Titles

When: 21 to 23 February, 2014
Club: Goodwood Off-Road Model Car Club
Where: Goodwood Model Park, Hobart, Tasmania
Classes: 2wd Buggy Stock, 2wd Buggy Mod, Stadium Truck, 4wd Buggy Stock, 4wd Buggy Mod, Short Course Truck
Website: http://www.gomcc.com.au
Event Page: http://www.gomcc.com.au/2014-tas-titles/
RC Tech Thread: http://www.rctech.net/forum/australian-events/765624-2014-aarcmcc-australia-10th-ep-off-road-tasmanian-titles-21-23-feb.html

Goodwood Off-Road Model Car Club Inc. is proud to announce the second running of the AARCMCC sanctioned state titles for 10th EP off road in Tasmania. This event will score points towards the IFMAR qualifying for 2WD and 4WD mod. Dates at this stage are TBC, we are awaiting confirmation from AARCMCC.

If you haven’t seen Tasmania before, it would be a great time to bring the family over and have a look around after the event. If you bring your car on the boat it is a 3 hour drive south to Hobart. You can also fly direct to Hobart for as little as $170 return from Melbourne, with a 20-25 minute drive from the airport to the track. You can find more details on the entry form and we’ll provide more info as it comes to hand.

Crowd Sourced 2014 Major RC Race Calendar

As my regular viewers would know, we maintained a Calendar of Major Race Events around Australia.

However it turns out that my efforts were duplicating some fantastic work being done on RC Tech by forum user Scott G.  So rather than take away from the good work being done there, I will be forwarding everybody to that page to see what is happening in the way of Major Events in Australia.  So head over to the RC Tech thread and marvel at just how many major events are on the calendar.


24HR @ Adrenalin Arena in Melbourne.

Adrenalin Arena hosted a 24hr race on the 31st of January. Racing kicked off at 8pm, with five teams entering the event. The cars were powered and limited to 21.5 turns Blinky utilizing any 1/10th touring car chassis. The race started with the usual paint swapping and body banging, but quickly settled down to a nice rhythm. With only five teams competing there was plenty of time to form strategies. The A Team quickly pulled away followed closely by Team Hack, Team Munster, Team Arena and Makers Maulers all followed in that order. The first round of battery changes had the teams scrambling.The A team was the slickest at the change and was quickly back on track and making a good gap to the second place Team Hack whilst the remaining teams all got back on track a couple of laps down. Team Arena fried a motor in the first hour after showing some good pace.









The motor and gear ratio changes cost them a few laps but were back on track and putting in some good times. After a couple of hours of taking pictures I left the teams to settle in for the long haul.
On my return I was greeted by some very tired drivers, a little worse for wear but at least standing. Sports drinks seem to be the chosen poison given the hot conditions. By this stage the gap between the first two teams was only 75 laps or so! Makers Maulers had dropped out after completing 1533 laps with mechanical trouble, still a decent effort all things considered. Fighting fatigue by this stage was causing the drivers to make small errors but this was effecting everyone. Through blood shot eyes the teams made there last driver changes. The drivers coming off the stand collapsed into the nearest chairs for a quick breather and some shut eye. By the time the last half hour presented it self, buoyed on by the impending finish all teams were wide awake and encouraging their drivers on. The last few minutes of the race finished like a sprint race, the drivers hoping to get one extra lap on the others.

1st The A Team – 4798 laps (705.305km)
2nd Team Hack – 4714 laps (692.958km)
3rd Team Munster – 4086 laps (600.642km)
4th Team Arena – 3449 laps (507.003km)
5th Maker’s Maulers – 1533 laps (225.351km)
These are the final results.
I congratulate all the finishers, job well done.

Report and Photos
Damien Christidis

Just when you thought it was safe to come out, HPI release more new kits!

Yes, HPI have just released another handful of new kits today on their facebook page!

On of the most interesting ones to me was something that HPI have not done for some time to my knowledge, and released the Sprint 2 Challenge, a chassis only kit of the Sprint 2 to which you can add your own Electrics, Wheels, Tyres and Body.  Drifter, racer, basher, make it your own whatever that is!  Not sure about price, and if it comes built or in parts, but I suspect it will be a very good option for many people.

sprint 2 challenge

Still staying on the Sprint 2, and the RTR Sprint 2 Flux has had an upgrade with a new body for 2014. With a very orange looking BMW M3 E92 body fitted, this vehicle sports a waterproof LiPo compatible speed controller, waterproof steering servo and waterproof receiver case, Vektor 5900 kV Brushless Motor and Waterproof Flux Vapor ESC

sprint 2 flux BMW

Staying in 1:10 scale, next we have Dai Yoshihara Discount Tire Falken Tire S13 Nitro RS4 3 Drift!  With the RS4 platform arranged for drifting (see photos below) , this screamer would be fantastic fun on any piece of pavement.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now I have developed a recent affinity for Global Rallycross, so this release, while small, is fairly exciting for me.  HPI have released 2 more vehicles on their RS4 Micro 1:18 platform, they are licensed versions of the #81 Bucky Lasek and #11 Sverre Isachsen Subaru PUMA Global Rallycross Team Subaru Impreza WRX STI!  Featuring a full time 4WD ready to run chassis and 2.4 GHz radio system for all day rallycross fun and excitement!   They look fantastic, and could sure be a lot of fun!

More new vehicles from HPI

Ok, so I’m guilty of ragging on HPI for not coming out with much new for some time, and what do they do, bury me in a flood of releases from the recent International Toy Fair!

So this time we have a refresh of the venerable E-Firestorm platform for 2014.  Featuring the waterproof 3s capable Flux EMH-3S Brushless system as well as new 2014 graphics that I have to say look pretty good!


Next is another Vaughn Gittin Jr. 69 Mustang RTR-X.  We already have the Flux 2 and Nitro RS4 3 Evo+ version, now we have a Micro version on the 1:18 Micro RS4 platform.  I think you will have to agree with me that it looks absolutely amazing!


New vehicles from Kyosho

Ok, so the first one isn’t so much news, but more a “it’s finally here”.  The long awaited Kyosho RB6 Readyset is due to land any day now according to Kyosho Australia, so that’s great news for racers and bashers alike as it should be an excellent value vehicle.

However the more breaking news item is the announcement of the imminent arrival of the Kyosho SC6 Short Course Truck, expanding on the already fantastic Kyosho 1:10 range including the RB6 and RT6.


Carisma at the Nürnberg Toy Fair

Who the heck is Carisma I can hear a few of you saying!  That’s not an unreasonable question as many Australians will not have heard of them at all.  This Hong Kong company is best known for their 1:16 scale buggies and cars.  However of late they have been bringing out some excellent scale vehicles which are grabbing the attention of a lot of people, particularly in the US where they have just announced a new distributor.

Distributed in Australia by OMP they have some fabulous looking 1:10 and 1:14 on road cars with some great looking bodies including a couple of nice rally bodies.  In off road, as I mentioned before, they have some fantastic 1:16 scale buggies, and a recently released monster truck, as well as a few nice off road desert beetles.  In 1:10 off road the M10DT Volkswagen Desert Beetle is winning a lot of fans with the pre painted bodyshell containing a lot of scale features. It even comes with some jerry cans to mount on the body.  The GT10DT is an Axial Exo style buggy that while a little smaller, still packs a good punch and looks great.

VW Beetle Desert Edition based on the M10DT

However it is their release in 1:8 that, as a rally fan, really has my attention.  The M48S platform fitted with a fabulous looking Porsche 959 Dakar Body that looks absolutely spot on!  The vehicle is based on a shaft-driven 4WD chassis with three gear differentials, it features a short A-arm layout for scale appearance, large volume oil-filled shock absorbers, and high-traction semi-slick tyres. The factory-assembled 959 also comes with a waterproof speed controller, a 3000kv brushless motor, waterproof RC box and a water-resistant steering servo.

The new Porsche 959 Dakar from Carisma

New on the show are the M10DB 2WD endurace buggy and the M10SC short course/stadium truck, both of which are prototypes.  I have to say that I love the scale looks and accessories on the Endurance Buggy prototype and hopes it makes it to production as it is!

2wd Endurance Buggy Prototype on the Toy Fair stand.

Source: Area52.cc http://www.area52.cc/news/4600-toyfair-2014–carisma.html

ARRMA Announces New Typhon & Kraton at

Not quite Nuremburg news as i’ve not seen any photos of them at the Toy Fair, but news none the less for ARRMA in the form of 2 “6s capable” 9th scale vehicles.

The Typhoon is a buggy running a 2300kV motor, whereas the Kraton is Speed Monster (looks like a truggy to me)  2250kV motor.  The remainder of their specification is fairly similar, and it wouldn’t be unfair to presume that they were born of the same mold.  Personally I like the look of the Kraton more, but you be the judge.

Source: RC Action http://www.rccaraction.com/blog/2014/02/01/arrma-announces-new-typhon-kraton-6s-rated-18-scale-vehicles/

Kyle McBride takes Double TQ and Win at Australia Day Cup with Pro-Line

Last weekend saw Pine Hills Dirt Racing Club (PHDRC) host the annual Australia Day Cup. This event is held across two days with 4 qualifiers, bump ups and finals. Saturday the weather threatened us with rain but thankfully it held off and we were able to race. Throughout qualifying my Kyosho cars, Pro-Line Tires, Novarossi Engines, Ko Propo gear, Protek RC equipment was feeling really really good. The track was medium/low grip and slightly rough in sections. I was running the Keep of 4 in my Buggy and the Keep off 7 in my truck and both cars were feeling amazing.


I ran X3 Bowties in my buggy and M3 Blockades in my truck and they felt great! And I did not change from those tires all weekend and managed to pick up the double TQ and double win!!!.

The event is a fun one along with some good drivers in attendance for the start of the year here in Queensland. I would like to personally thank my sponsors for this year as I’m extremely happy with my package coming into this World’s year and cannot wait to attend the races that are coming up. –Kyosho, Pro-Line, Novarossi, Ko Propo, A-mainhobbies, Protek Rc, Neo + Fuels, Bitty Design, Trackside RC, Dialed Inc.


Source: Proline http://www.prolineracing.com/blog/kyle-mcbride-takes-double-tq-and-win-at-australia-day-cup-with-pro-line/

Monster Truck Videos

As I posted about just yesterday, the monstar trucks are back!  However with only 2 exceptions, they are all electric powered trucks.  However monster trucks need noise, and those 2 exceptions are the Losi LST XXL-2 and the HPI Savage XL Octane. So if anybody at HPI or Losi are watching, I’m happy to write up some reviews of both trucks, just post them to me 😉

I can hear you saying, we want videos, and, here is a video of each vehicle from HPI and Losi respectively, so sit back and enjoy!