New Serpent Cobra Buggy 2.1

The Serpent Cobra Buggy 2.1 is a result of continuous development and intensive cooperation with the key team-drivers. The changes needed for the 2.1 version are not very big, but very important to make you go around the track easier and faster. The longer chassis combined with the 14 degree castor blocks offer a really a big difference in overall handling.

Cobra Buggy 2.1 New Features:
Plus 4 Chassis: the hard anodised chassis is 4mm longer in the rear, creating a more stable rear end, especially better on tracks with short bumps and rough surface. The great handling on smooth, flat surfaces remains.
Longer Aluminum Rear Brace: The longer alu brace also helps to make the rear end more stable. The shorter nylon or alu version can also still be fitted.
Longer Rear Central Shaft: To suit the longer chassis a longer rear central shaft is needed (which is actually the same as the one used in Cobra buggy 1.0)
Hard Coated Shockcaps: The hardcoated aluminium shockcaps can withstand the rigors of crashes better.
Aluminium 14 Degree Casterblocks: The Cobra buggy has a lot of steering already which makes it turn very fast. The 14 degree caster blocks help to smoothen steering out a bit, still lot of steering , but easier, less direct, creating a more stable front end.


Source: RC Insider

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