Kyosho re release the Scorpion, sort of…

Ok, so i’m back on deck after a bit of an Easter break!

So the news today is that photos of the re release of the Kyosho Scorpion – 30613B are finaly starting to appear.  I’m not normally nostalgic about RC cars, in fact quite the reverse, but I have to say that this buggy looks awesome with it’s modern upgrades.

The Scorpion was the cornerstone of the Kyosho off-road program during the late 70s and early 80s. Designed by the same designer as the original Scorpion, this new version is very faithful to many of the details that make it virtually identical to the original car, but there are some changes to increase the durability and performance. The shocks are higher quality with much smoother operation, and the spring pre-load collars will not snap like the old ones. The transmission is upgraded with 48-pitch gears and nearly all metal construction except for the compound counter gear. A sealed gear differential is driven via a modern slipper clutch to smooth out power delivery.

So it’s a re  release, but it’s been upgraded!  Not sure how that fits in for vintage racing, but it looks faithful to the original, looks like a real dune buggy, and, well it looks cool!

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