D413 first impressions from ShortCourseWorld

Ok, so personally i am only just starting to get into the 1:10 buggy scene at my local club, Launceston RC, but i’ll elaborate on that in another post.

1:10 4wd buggy has always fascinated my as the formula one of the off road 1:10 scene, with 4wd and all the power in the world.  However racing on an indoor track with a somewhat unforgiving surface when it comes to cars, I was always concerned by the physical toll this seemed to take on cars with many seeming to break on a very regular basis.

Those of you that know me also know that I am a HPI fan, with almost all of my previous cars being from HPI, with the only exception being one Tamiya currently in my garage.  So when HB (previously Hot Bodies, now a part of HPI) came out with their D413 4wd buggy in 2013 I was instantly interested.  It has an interesting specification with the ability to reconfigure for saddle or shorty packs by rotating the center differential (not slipper) and motor mount around and move the servo to the opposite side of the vehicle.  There was some debate at the worlds last year as to if the shorty packs were legal, but to date the decision to allow them has been carried.  As I mentioned before, the vehicle has three gear differentials instead of the more normal 2 diffs and a slipper which is a feature normally found in 8th scale vehicles.  The triangulated shock towers are also of interest as they provide a lot of strength, and that is a feature that the designer of the vehicle,  Torrance Deguzman, has stated was one of the core aspects of the vehicle’s design, strength.  If your vehicle is strong and can take a hit, you can push on with more confidence that you won’t break the vehicle, and some epic crashes at last year’s world championships certainly proved that the D413 can take a hit, with one crash breaking the two vehicles that the D413 hit and was hit by.

So the D413 was released last year, why the post now?  well to date, very few if any D413’s have been seen in the hands of the public with pre orders having only begun delivery about now. HPI has certainly copped some very warranted flack over the delay in making these available to the public.  What prompted this post was a video by Short Course World on youtube featuring their first impressions of their D413, and, well he is a little impressed with the D413 so far, and it will be interesting to see what their impressions are once they get it on to the track.  Hopefully I will remember to share those videos with you.  I wonder if I will get a chance to turn a wheel on one of these on day, because unlike most 4wd buggies, this certainly captures my attention with regards to owning one myself.

More information on the D413 at the HPI/HB Website here http://www.hpiracing.com/en/kit/112723

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