Tune up tips for the WR8 from HPI

I love rally cars, I just find the appeal of going sideways on dirt irresistible! To fulfill that dirt urge, I have a Tamiya XV-01 that I use, but at the time it was a real toss up between it and the WR8 from HPI.  At the time, the bodies and parts available for the XV-01 won me over, but this article from hpi shows just how many parts are actually available for the larger WR8 (happy to take donations of WR8’s from anybody that doesn’t want theirs by the way).

The article can be found on the HPI website here http://www.hpiracing.com/en/article/view/2014061302 and covers pretty much everything you could ever want for one of these beasts along with some great information and photos, enjoy!


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