A Small Change at Aussie RC and Contributors Wanted

As some of you know, there are two Richard’s Here, me who has come along to help a little while after inception, and Aussie RC Admin (also a Richard) who started this place up. Except that really it is two separate accounts for the same person, me.

However now i’ve decided to just post things as myself, to make things a little clearer where the opinions are coming from.  In time I will migrate the old posts to this username, but for now they will stay as they are.

However this brings me on to another point, whilst I am not the only contributor we are always looking for more contributors from all aspects of the RC hobby.  If you have a review you wrote of a new car or piece of equipment, send it to us to publish, if you have a major race meet coming up, we would love to publicise it. Perhaps you want to be a regular contributor, we are more than happy to welcome you to the team. Contributions of any kind are always welcome through our facebook page, or through aussierc@outlook.com .

So whether you area a basher, racer, cralwer, off road specialist, flat track fanatic or love the very big or very small RC cars, we want to hear from all of you.

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