New VBC Firebolt DM

VBC Racing, who to date have only made F1 and Touring Car kits, have released some photos and information of their new 2wd buggy, the Firebolt DM.  This mid mounted buggy follows a different line of thinking to many of the other players in the buggy game, but that makes it interesting,m not necessarily worse.  Features of the kit include:


  • 2.5mm Lightweight 7075 aluminum chassis
  • Adjustable chassis flex system
  • Carbon fiber chassis brace
  • Narrow chassis design
  • Lightweight 7075 aluminum motor mount, arm mount and rear bulkhead
Suspension & Steering
  • Big bore 12mm oversize shocks
  • 7075 aluminum shock caps with integrated bleed screws
  • Adjustable caster insert
  • 3.7mm carbon fiber shock tower
  • Quick rear toe and anti squat adjustment
  • Adjustable front suspension mount kick up angle
  • Oversize rear hub bearing and camble link insert.
  • Captured hinge pin system
  • Horizontal Steering ball studs for fine Ackermann adjustments
Drive train
  • High torque slipper system
  • Ultra smooth ball differential
  • Hardened heavy duty CV drive shaft
Design & Quality
  • Intergraded motor fan mount
  • Carbon filled composite parts
  • Hardened heavy duty turnbuckle
  • Multiple battery positions for in-board, shorty, saddle and square packs
The kit is slated to be available in July 2014, so not far away at all.  In Australia they are available at R.A.B. Hobbies so keep an eye out for this interesting buggy.


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