H.A.R.D. Racing Storage and Hauler Bags

I get newsletters from a bunch of RC Stores around the globe, and today one caught my eye from RC Mart which had some interesting information about some bags from H.A.R.D. Racing.  I hadn’t heard of them before so I looked at what was on offer from them.  As well as starter boxes and setup stations they have a fabulous array of Hauler and storage bags for almost any RC application.

Personally I have a large 8th scale size hauler bag from Atomik which straps my SCT on top, a Rally Car or buggy in the top drawer, and everything else in the 4 drawers below that, and to date it has been tough and extremely useful.  To be honest I have no idea how I did without it!  It was actually a birthday present from my wife who tried to buy a bag from a local hobby store, but they weren’t too interested in helping her out, so I was given a voucher to buy from a store in Sydney.   But I digress!



I love a good storage solution, and while many are all the same bags re badged, or similar to, the range and variety here certainly gives you pause for thought on how you could move your equipment better. From charging sacks, to starter box bags, Touring Car haulers, 8th scale haulers, and  Transmitter bags, H.A.R.D. Racing have all your needs covered!  Check them out on their website at http://www.hard-racing.com/ .  Available in Australia?  Well HEI International is listed as their Australian Distributor, so your local hobby store should be able to access them.


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