Buggy Carpet Racing at AA

Adrenalin Arena posted a bit of a FAQ on Buggy Carpet racing at their venue on facebook yesterday, and I thought it was worth reproducing here with full credit to the crew at AA.  Personally I would add the DEX210 to that list, but i’ve not raced there myself.

2wd Off Road Racing at AA

So, you want to get into some indoors off road racing at the Adrenalin Arena indoor rc track but don’t know where to start? Well, here’s a few things we have learnt to date with regard to 2wd.

Which chassis?
All the top manufacturers produce a car that will work well on carpet. Choices regularly represented at AA, in no particular order, are:
– Team Associated B5M
– Xray XB4 2wd
– Losi 22 (mid motor config)
– Kyosho Rudebits DB1 (pictured)
– Schumacher Cougar KF
– Kyosho RB6 (mid motor config)

Which tyres?
The gird is split cleanly down the middle in this respect, with the majority electing to run on either Schumacher or Pro-line rubber:
– F – Schumacher cut staggers in yellow compound or Pro-line Wedge Squared
– R – Schumacher Mini Pins in Yellow compound or Pro-line Pin Point

How much motor?
Tricky one, open motors tend to range between the lightening fast (5.5T) and just about fast enough (8.5T). In stock, the usual suspects have all made appearances at the pointy end of things.

What set-up?
Luckily our colonial cousins in the UK run big events on carpet and astro turf all the time – so a quick internet search is often all that is needed to turn up a decent starting point – after that it is all down to personal preference.

Anything else?
Nope that’s about it, could it be time to (literally) dust down that off road car that you had confined to the shed for the winter? We think so!

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