Get A Grip! Savage Tuning for Serious Monster Truck Owners from HPI

HPI have published a great guide to bashing with the HPI Savage line of trucks on their website.  you can see all of the information and photos over at HPI here . Of course really it is a way to illustrate the range of accessories and hopups for the savage, but when it provides an informative guide to bashers as well, why not!

However here are a few key excerpts for you now.


Of course, you’re going to need some wheels to mount those tires on! Check out the full range of awesome-looking custom-styled wheels that are designed for the Savage! All Savage tires feature 17mm hexes for increased durability, and all of the off-road wheels measure 83mm in diameter and 56mm across, so they’ll fit a wide range of large and small block monster trucks.


Ride Height

Changing the ride height of your Savage can really change the handling of your truck. In the most general sense, lowering the ride height is a quick, no-cost way to instantly transform the truck into an on-road monster or lift it into a mud bogger maestro!

Lowering the Ride Height

By removing all the ride height clips on your standard shocks, or dialing the spring collars all the way up to the top of the shocks on threaded shock bodies, you lower the ride height of the truck. This lowers the center of gravity (also known as the ‘CG’) for better handling on high-grip surfaces like asphalt/tarmac. If you’re using spiked tires on short grass, lowering the ride height can really improve the handling of your truck, too!

Lowering the ride height has its disadvantages, too: if you’re doing jumps and landings, the chassis can bottom out when the truck lands, meaning you can lose control on the landings or damage the truck on a big hit. Try adjusting the ride height to different levels to see what works best on each different surface you’re on!

Raising the Ride Height

Adding clips to the shocks or dialing the spring collars down will raise the ride height, giving you extra clearance to get over obstacles like small rocks, branches, water, leaves, etc. You don’t want the chassis dragging in the mud, let the tires do all the work! A higher ride height is ideal for off-roading through grass, water, bog and many obstacles – and of course as a monster truck the Savage lives to drive through this sort of terrain! If you’re doing big stunts like long jumps and back flips, you’ll want the ride height increased so you don’t bottom out the chassis on landings, which can damage the TVP chassis plates and other parts of the truck.

If you’re racing the Savage, think a bit before raising the ride height, because your center of gravity will be higher, making it easier to roll the truck over, losing you valuable seconds on your lap time!

You’ll always be looking to balance the grip of the tires with the landing ability and ride height so you don’t traction roll in the corners, and also make sure that you have enough ‘give’ in the suspension to land with the ability to keep rolling forward.

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