Skins for your RC Car

I enjoy painting a RC car body, but i’m certainly no pro, and I have a lot of love for the places that sell some fantastic skins for common RC car bodies.  Today reading Big Squid RC I was introduced to another,  I have to say they have some impressive looking skins that I am LOVING the look of such as the one below.

Check them out at

My other favorite place for RC Car Skins is Upgrade RC who have a lot of skins for a lot of race cars, as well as some fabulous customisable designs.  In all fairness, I have known of Upgrade RC for far longer, but I’ve never gotten around to purchasing any of their products I am afraid to say, I should change that one day for at least one of these companies!  Upgrade RC actually sell a lot more than vehicle skins, so their website is always worth a close look.

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