The Best things seem to come from Bicycles – Bezerk RC

It seems that so many things seem to have started with bicycles, Look at the wright brothers, who started out working on bikes, and so the story of Bezerk RC also starts with bikes.

Paul Sims has been fabricating most of his life, from cars, and motorbikes through to working for his fathers business, Greenspeed, an Australian manufacturer of recumbent bicycles (laying back rather than sitting on top).  Paul worked at Greenspeed for some time from fabrication, to R&D, production, outsourcing and whatever was needed. Just like any family business, he still finds himself working there most days fabricating for the business, as well as his own company, Bezerk Cycles, that has been operating for some time, mostly generating work from word of mouth.

2009 saw a friend give his son a promotional RC truck which reignited an interest in the hobby for Paul who had always wanted one himself, and so Paul ended up at Knox Off Road where he still races today, in fact he tells me that he currently holds the title of the club President, so he isn’t leaving any time soon.   Naturally Paul’s mind ventured int fabricating hand made parts for these cars, from electric conversions to custom parts and mid mount conversions for buggies and trucks.

Initially borrowing a friend’s mill to fabricate parts occasionally, a friend who raced with Paul at the BRCCC suggested that he “start a facebook page”, and suddenly a global market for Bezerk RC appeared and as the number of inquiries from around the world increased it suddenly appeared that it could be a viable business by itself. So that dreaded trip to the bank manager was made, funds procured and Paul set about making his own Mill.  Yes, not one to take the easy way, Paul scratch built his own CNC Mill. It took a few weeks, what I expect was an incredibly steep learning curve for new software and equipment, and Paul was up and running with his own equipment.

Paul told me that, The supply of carbon was always the hardest to find. My current supplier is providing material that many customers and reviewers have had nothing but good things to say about.  Bezerk parts have gone to most places around the world, the Internet of course makes that happen. He prototypes for other peoples companies and outsource work if required.


Custom work has always been the focus of the work at Bezerk, whether it be replacing a hard, or impossible to find part, to parts with minor changes to suit a users needs, right up to completely custom parts and chassis.  Making a dream into reality as Paul puts it.  Requests come in every form from fully fledged cad drawings to sketches on pieces of paper.

From your regular club driver or basher to drivers of other teams, the list of Bezerk customers, and parts, is growing daily. Parts start from around $10 for a pair of BD7 battery hooks for example up to $90 for any onroad chassis. Looking through not only the price list on the facebook page, but the photos and information about projects that Paul has undertaken is certainly a glowing reference of his fabrication skills and the imagination of his customers.

From concept to reality. Bezerk RC’s first 12th scale, based on an xray platform, narrowed up chassis, relocated shock pickup and carbon side springs with set screw tweak adjust.

To find out more about Bezerk RC, or to have a look at the work that they have done, check out their facebook page at and tell them Aussie RC sent you 😉

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