Team Argo change to the Schumacher Mi5 Evo

There are very few RC Racing Teams in Australia, and many of the big name drivers are not nearly recognisable as they should be for the incredible level of skill that they display, and that was one of the reasons I started Aussie RC, to help raise that profile a little. This is one of those instances.

Team Argo is a group of mates teamed together in Queensland who race regularly at events and club meets alike.  They made an announcement a couple of days ago that they would be changing platforms to the Schumacher MI5 Evo platform, which given it’s design and results so far, isn’t a bad move at all.  The original release on their facebook page stated:

Winston Churchill once said ‘To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often’. Team ARGO is continuing on it’s path of change by today announcing that the team is moving to the Schumacher MI5 Evo. The crew at Action RC has taken care of the numbers and arranged a package that will see Terry, B1, B2 and myself racing this package for the 2014/15 race year. We have been impressed by the Evo since it’s launch and look forward to running this equipment in the near future. Let the sledging begin.

The news was also shared by Action RC, their Schumacher supplier in a statement on their website here in an article titles What to Say?

For more information on Team Argo RC, check out their facebook page here

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