RC in the Mainstream – Aaron Hess on a Monster Truck Freestyle Course

It’s pretty rare to see RC in the mainstream, be it at events, or in the media in one form or another. This is the reason  I was surprised when my local Radio Station, Chilli 90.1 FM, came on board as the naming sponsor for my club’s major race for the year. 

However today Proline posted some photos and information on a display some of it’s drivers did at the Mega Promotions Monster Truck Tour at RWR Rodeo Arena in Denison,Texas.  I’ve reposted below what transpired and how popular they were with the crowd.



We were entertaining a crowd of around 2,000 spectators during intermission of Mega Promotions Monster Truck Tour at RWR Rodeo Arena in Denison,Texas.


We gathered up a lot of our RC friends to put on this show along with fellow P-L teammates Aaron Royston,  Mark Santa Maria and Bo Brock.


We were asked to go out before the show started to allow the ticket lines to enter the arena. We stole the show right from the start with big air soaring over the crushed cars on the arena floor. The crowd was very loud letting it be known that they loved what we were doing.


Intermission came and we went on. The crowd was once again very vocal with all the whips and flips avoiding all the carnage that the Monster Trucks had left behind. The fans were coming to our pit areas looking over our equipment as we were answering a lot of their questions. This was a lot of fun.


We have two more shows lined up in Baytown,TX and Lawton, OK. We are looking forward to these next two shows. We have 5 more shows already lined up for 2015 as well. If we are putting on show in your area feel free to come join in as we try to move forward with a different venue in the RC Community.


Thanks to all my sponsors and anyone that contributed to help put this show on. We have lots of crazy stunts planned in the near future as we entertain these rowdy crowds bringing them closer to the RC Industry.

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Keep up the good work Aaron and the guys at Proline!

Source: http://www.prolineracing.com/blog/2014/08/16/aaron-hess-attacks-the-monster-truck-freestyle-course/

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