Vaterra do it again with the 2015 Mustang

Yes, Vaterra have released another stunning model of a modern day muscle car, this time the new 2015 Ford Mustang to sit alongside the 1967 Mustang already in their lineup.  That makes four modern muscle cars, four 1960’s muscle cars and three modern sports cars in their fast expanding, very realistic, on road lineup.

Not much is news in term of platform for the new Mustang, sitting on the existing V100-S platform with all the usual goodies, it just has the body from the sexy new mustang draped over the top, and that’s not a bad thing in my book.

For more details visit the page for the 2015 Mustang at the Vaterra website here or check out the video of the car below.

Mad Bug VE new from Kyosho

Kyosho have released details of their Mad Bug VE racing buggy to their USA website today, and it looks like a good package with a $300 USD price tag.  With waterproof electronics, a NiMH battery and trickle charger, off road tyres and a cool looking body in two colours, it looks like a great bashing vehicle.

The 4wd platform reminds me somewhat of a 4wd stadium truck rather than a buggy, but the beetle body gives it that buggy look, although it’s not a race buggy so not sure why the racing name, probably because of the looks as compared with a full size off road racing buggy.  S


Victorian State Titles Reports Online

Both RC News and RC Easy websites have photos, a report and results from the recent Victorian State Titles via Team Associated.  You can find them here and here however both say much the same thing that I have reposted below for your reading pleasure from RC News.

Team Associated takes 3 Victorian titles

AE Keilor Cup

The third round of the Victorian State Series was held at the historic Keilor club in Melbourne, with a huge field of 170 entries for this one-day event. The entry list was deep, with many previous national title holders racing. Team Associated was well represented with Ray Munday and Glen Bonetti in the open classes, with young gun Cameron Zammit running 17.5T.

It was a long day for all racers as they dealt with the intermittent rain showers, making tyre and setup choices difficult as the track conditions changed almost every round. The club worked very hard to squeeze three rounds of qualifying and three rounds of A finals in, with only the last two races being run under lights.

In 2WD Open, Ray TQ’d and took out A1 and A2 with his B5M to remain unbeaten in 2WD this year. Despite the slippery conditions, B5Ms filled the first three spots on the grid. Ray was pressured hard by Glen Bonetti (also B5M) in both finals, Glen winning A3 to seal second overall. With three wins out of three starts in the 2014 series with, Ray Munday is the 2014 2WD Open Victorian Drivers series champion with the B5/B5M remaining undefeated!


In 4WD Open, Glen Bonetti TQ’d with his B44.2 but in the finals it was Sam Wells from Tasmania who drove fantastically in A1 and A2 for his first major win. Glen and Ray pushed Sam hard in A1 and A2 and then battled it out for A3, Ray taking the win and leaving second overall for Glen, both running B44.2 buggies. Ray and Glen will now race for the series win in Round 4 – whoever comes out on top will take the series for Team Associated.


In the well-supported SCT class, Ray Munday (SC10.2) took a comfortable TQ from Scott Rawlings (SC10.2) and Ben Sterling. A1 and A2 were very tricky for SCT, with rain falling partway through each race, making the track very slippery, but Ray’s SC10.2 was stuck to the track and took a dominant win. This also gives Ray the 2014 SCT Drivers series win.


In Stadium truck, Glen Bonetti (T4.2) and John Watkins (T4.2) had epic battles all day with their trucks. Glen took a narrow win from John, putting him in the unbeatable position for the 2014 Truck Series!


In the 17.5T classes, 13-year-old sensation Cameron Zammit put his B5M on pole for the biggest class of the day. A bit of bad luck in the finals meant that he finished second overall, but he made amends by winning the 4WD class for his first state series win. He is in contention for the series win at the final round in Wodonga in both 2WD and 4WD 17.5T. In the 21.5T 2WD class, John Wiggins placed second with his B5, but this was enough to give him the series title for this entry-level class.


It was a successful race meeting for the team, with Ray Munday taking out 2WD Mod and SCT, Glen Bonetti Stadium Truck, and Cameron Zammit 4WD 17.5T. This result wraps up the 2014 series for Ray (2WD Open and SCT) and Glen (Stadium Truck) with one round remaining.

Photos by Peter Brady and Mark Polistena
Source: Team Associated

New Serpent Spyder RM RTR

Serpent have released details of their The RTR Spyder RM buggy. Naturally it is based on the kit version of the Spyder RM buggywith whom it shares parts as well as optional parts.

Main features include:

  • Ready to race; fully adjustable
  • Prepainted and precut buggy body and large rear wing
  • DragonRC 2.4 GHz transmitter TX-RX with LCD
  • DragonRC waterproof electronic speedcontroller 45A
  • DragonRC brushless, sensorless motor 9T
  • DragonRC powerfull metal gear digital servo
  • DragonRC premounted buggy tyres
  • Spring steel transmission and turnbuckles
  • Big bore shocks
  • Gear differential and solid slipper
  • Expert factory assembly and set-up
  • All parts and optionals of the race-kit fit

Not sure if anybody else noticed the 4wd buggy “coming soon” in the electric 1:10 Off Road section of the serpent website either, but that could be an interesting release to watch out for.

Roar makes changes to EP Off Road Chassis Rules

In the US, there was some conjecture about battery packs at last year’s EP Off Road world championships.  You see the ROAR regulations state that to be eligible a car must be able to take a full size battery, and some vehicles were not being raced with full size batteries.  In the case of the Hot Bodies D413 Buggy, it was being run with a shorty battery rather than a full size, or saddle pack.  At the time the argument was that it was simply in a different configuration, and that the car could be configured with a saddle pack.  The new Team Associated B44.3 is much the same in it’s multiple battery configurations.  A similar situation exists with many 2wd vehicles as well,he Losi 22 in mid motor configuration comes to mind as being a very tight fit for a standard battery pack. Now ROAR has amended the rule to allow vehicles that are able to take both batteries, whereas before the wording was a little ambiguous.

Who do we care in Australia, well to a fair extent we don’t as racing in Australia is governed by AARCMCC (Association of Australian Radio Control Model Car Clubs) and our rules simply give some maximum physical dimensions, minimum weights, 2wd must be the rear two wheels driven only, 4wd can be 4wd or 2wd / front wheel drive, batteries must be legal and transmissions single speed only.  More simple and straightforward to understand.  Why you might care is because the ROAR regulations do effect the design of the cars that we race here in Australia.

How does the ROAR rule read now, see below.

Rule 8.2.3
All chassis (including optional/aftermarket) in all electric classes (except those specifically noted) MUST accept batteries up to the maximum dimensions allowed for its application. Chassis must have at least 1 standard configuration (standard configuration to be saddle or stick pack) to fit a battery of maximum dimensions for that class or it will not be considered legal, and the racer will be disqualified. Foam blocks/spacers are permitted to help secure any size battery in its position. Electronics may also be located within the battery area when “shorty” or smaller legal batteries are used, provided that “permanent” mounts for the aforementioned don’t preclude the installation of full size battery or saddle pack of maximum dimensions. The only exception is 1/8 off-road where it’s common to use two battery packs to achieve the maximum 4S configuration, or to use a single 4S battery, which has a different specification. Only under these circumstances will the fitting of either configuration be considered legal, but the production chassis must still conform to batteries of the maximum allowable dimensions. Should a question arise as to whether the chassis will accept a full size pack it will be up to the racer to prove that the chassis meets all requirements.
Similar clarification was illustrated by ROAR recently when they reiterated that 2.4 tyres were not legal for buggy, only the approved 2.2 tyres.  Not sure why this was an issue at the race because 2.4 tyres have never been legal despite many manufactures producing tyres and rims in the size, but ROAR did a much better job of letting people know than the debacle that was the Trinity D3.5 17.5 motor was deemed illegal.  Again, in Australia we simply have a maximum allowed width with no minimum.
So for all of you that whinge and moan that AARCMCC and it’s regulations suck, have a closer look at our rules vs those of ROAR and EFRA and you will see that our regulations are simpler, more logical, and not all that bad after all!

RC in the Mainstream – Aaron Hess on a Monster Truck Freestyle Course

It’s pretty rare to see RC in the mainstream, be it at events, or in the media in one form or another. This is the reason  I was surprised when my local Radio Station, Chilli 90.1 FM, came on board as the naming sponsor for my club’s major race for the year. 

However today Proline posted some photos and information on a display some of it’s drivers did at the Mega Promotions Monster Truck Tour at RWR Rodeo Arena in Denison,Texas.  I’ve reposted below what transpired and how popular they were with the crowd.



We were entertaining a crowd of around 2,000 spectators during intermission of Mega Promotions Monster Truck Tour at RWR Rodeo Arena in Denison,Texas.


We gathered up a lot of our RC friends to put on this show along with fellow P-L teammates Aaron Royston,  Mark Santa Maria and Bo Brock.


We were asked to go out before the show started to allow the ticket lines to enter the arena. We stole the show right from the start with big air soaring over the crushed cars on the arena floor. The crowd was very loud letting it be known that they loved what we were doing.


Intermission came and we went on. The crowd was once again very vocal with all the whips and flips avoiding all the carnage that the Monster Trucks had left behind. The fans were coming to our pit areas looking over our equipment as we were answering a lot of their questions. This was a lot of fun.


We have two more shows lined up in Baytown,TX and Lawton, OK. We are looking forward to these next two shows. We have 5 more shows already lined up for 2015 as well. If we are putting on show in your area feel free to come join in as we try to move forward with a different venue in the RC Community.


Thanks to all my sponsors and anyone that contributed to help put this show on. We have lots of crazy stunts planned in the near future as we entertain these rowdy crowds bringing them closer to the RC Industry.

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Keep up the good work Aaron and the guys at Proline!


New website for Hot Bodies

HPI – Hot Bodies (HB) merged their websites into one some time back when HPI released their revamped website, and I presumed that is the way it was going to stay, and to an extent that is true, however the HB side of the website has had a revamp and can be found at

Added to the revamp are now pages such as blog posts, videos, setups and details about the full range of HB products. 

The blog includes updates from the latest races and setups and can be found here

There is even a section about the Hot Bodies factory race team, it’s members, achievements, trophies and setups. So head over and check out the new sections of the Hot Bodies website today.

Now if Hot Bodies / HPI could just release it’s products and parts in a more timely fashion they would be up there with the best where I believe they belong. 

New WFT-1 Formula One car from CRC

Building on the winning heritage from the multi-champion line of 1/12th and 1/10th road cars, the new WTF-1 from CRC elevates F-1 racing to the next level offering new and exciting features. Features that include CRC’s infinitely adjustable Slider Rear Pod, dual damper tube system, the F-1 Pro-Strut adjustable front end, a full ball bearing graphite Pro-diff and a best-in-class rear damper, the CRC Encore shock. The roll center, ride height, camber, caster, preload, droop and spring rate are all adjustable.


Scale Garage Accessories from Boom Racing

Boom Racing have released a range of scale accessories that are available from Asiatees as seen below. I love a good scale garage as much as the next person (especially a rally one) but these accessories are something else I have to say!

Accessories in the picture:

This is just a taster of the scale accessories that you can get from Asiatees, for the full list to deck out your garage, scaler or crawler project, check out the Scale Accessories here