Show us your Airbrush Sklills

One thing I am not, is a highly skilled painter of, well most anything. My best spray painting effort was my old Army Land Rover, which looked great by virtue of the almost flat finish paint, not a lot of skill on my part. My RC Shells are basic for the most part with a few details, and only a couple of colours. I was thinking that I might get somebody to paint up a body for me when I saw a local racer had some done that looked great. 

Then today I found a Facebook page called Get Airbrushed who do custom lexan RC body painting based in South East Queensland, but posting Australia Wide.  You can find them at  I know I bang on about facebook at times, but it is a great free platform with the facebook pages where people can run businesses with global visibility.  

A fantastic body from Get Airbrushed

So why am I posting this, well I want to hear from all of the RC Airbrush artists out there, send in your details to us here at Aussie RC through our facebook page, or email to so that we can feature your Australian business on our page.

Keilor Cup Results and Photos

The Keilor Cup is arguably a big event on the Off Road racing calendar in Australia, and results and photos from the event are starting to filter through. Let’s start with the results themselves which can be found complete at , and with over 160 entries, there is a few results there!

Photos, I’ll start with the one I am biased towards, President of the club I am a member of, Sam Wells, took out the win in 4wd Modified Buggy at the cup and had this to say about it;

Very happy with my results at the recent Keilor cup. My Xray Xb4, running Proline holeshot m3 2.0 tyres was hooked up and faultless all weekend allowing me to take the win in 4wd modified.

I always enjoy coming over to Vic and racing at the Keilor Offroad RC Club. I had a close battle with Glen Bonetti in A1 and Ray Munday in A2 who was charging hard. Well done to all the other competitors and thankyou to the Keilor club for hosting another fantastic event. With 160 entries they did very well get through it all in 1 day.

I would like to thank Ari Bakla from Xray and Proline Australia for the opportunity to run such great equipment, Nicola Poltronieri from Gforce Australia for the super smooth and easy to use ESC and Jeff Schroeder and the team from Fantom motors for building such powerful and reliable motors.

A special thanks to John Watkins and Amy for there hospitality. Without them i wouldn’t be able to do these events.

Sam Wells from Team Xray Australia and his 1st place trophy for 4wd Modified Buggy

Proline Australia posted on their facebook page about the PRO-2 SCT’s participation in the event here;

he Proline Pro-2 SCT in action this past weekend at the Keilor Cup! Over 20 entries in SCT and 170 in total for all classes! The Pro-2 got 3rd over all with 2 Pro-2 trucks making the main!

Team Kyosho Australia posted on their facebook page this photo of one of their team drivers and his new Lazer ZX-6.

A great photo of Team driver Ben Sterling at the Keilor Cup steering the new ZX6! Now available in Australia! First shipment is selling fast! (Thanks BJ Louey for the Pic)

Model engines posted a host of photos from the event on their facebook page, so rather than me reposting them here, head over to their page directly to see them at

Ray Munday, a well known and highly respected racer, posted a photo of his B5M from the event on facebook as well as a link to the setup sheet for the B5M for the event

Ray Munday’s B5M whose setup can be found at the Keilor RC Website.

Cameron Zammit was also racing at the event and posted a roundup with some photos on his facebook page here


Keilor Cup 2014.
What a awesome day of racing at the Keilor cup for the 2014 Driver Series Round 3.
In 2wd Stock, qualified (TQ) I finished 2nd for the day in a field of 35 racers.
In 4wd stock, qualified 2nd and finished 1st for the day in a field of 36.
I would like to thank my family for coming out on the day to support me and also the Keilor club for a great event. Also I would like to thanks my sponsors Ace Hobbies and Team Associated.


Team Argo change to the Schumacher Mi5 Evo

There are very few RC Racing Teams in Australia, and many of the big name drivers are not nearly recognisable as they should be for the incredible level of skill that they display, and that was one of the reasons I started Aussie RC, to help raise that profile a little. This is one of those instances.

Team Argo is a group of mates teamed together in Queensland who race regularly at events and club meets alike.  They made an announcement a couple of days ago that they would be changing platforms to the Schumacher MI5 Evo platform, which given it’s design and results so far, isn’t a bad move at all.  The original release on their facebook page stated:

Winston Churchill once said ‘To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often’. Team ARGO is continuing on it’s path of change by today announcing that the team is moving to the Schumacher MI5 Evo. The crew at Action RC has taken care of the numbers and arranged a package that will see Terry, B1, B2 and myself racing this package for the 2014/15 race year. We have been impressed by the Evo since it’s launch and look forward to running this equipment in the near future. Let the sledging begin.

The news was also shared by Action RC, their Schumacher supplier in a statement on their website here in an article titles What to Say?

For more information on Team Argo RC, check out their facebook page here

1/4 Scale Grave Digger

You see some weird and wonderful things that have been made radio controlled on the internet, but occasionally they are magnificent, and this 1/4 scale Grave Digger is no exception!

Running a Stinger 609-mini V8 engine (with a cost by itself of some $7,400 USD reportedly) it looks and runs very well, but check it out for yourself below.

Alloy Chassis for Schumacher Cougar KF

As you may have noticed, normally I don’t post about new parts unless they are something exceptional, but as the Cougar KF is my ideal 2wd buggy, I couldn’t resist.  You see I have a list of requirements for a buggy in my head, and the KF ticks them all with ease.  The only part of it I was not familiar with was the Carbon Fiber chassis, which isn’t a bad thing, just a chassis material that i’m not versed with, but I could have leaned to live with.

However today Schumacher have released an Alloy chassis for the Cougar KF, thus ticking the last box in my mental list. The details from Schumacher are as follows:

U4622 – Alloy Chassis KF

Stiffer with a lower centre of gravity for better corner speed and stability. Supports standard motor position and low grip position.

Used by Darren Bloomfield to win the BRCA 2WD National Championship!



Review: 2nd hand DEX210 Buggy

So following on from the article about Taking our own Advice, I now have a quite nice DEX210 from Team Durango to drive, and so I thought i’d review it for others interested in this vehicle.  It’s not the first or last vehicle that i’ll be reviewing as I will have another buggy to review after next week. So in Taking our own Advice we left off after my first race with the, new to me, buggy.  So what have my impressions of the kit been since then and have I finally painted that new body?


Continue reading Review: 2nd hand DEX210 Buggy

New K5 Blazer Ascender from Vaterra

I make no bones about the fact that I love what new player on the block, Vaterra, have done since their inception.  Today’s news of a Rock Crawler from them continues to give them huge brownie points in my book!

The 1986 Chevy K5 Blazer is one of the first mainstream competitors to the mighty SCX10 platform from Axial and it ticks a lot of boxes.

  • It comes as a kit, which is the crawlers preferred method over RTR
  • The body is unpainted, and looks very scale
  • It’s originally configured with a front mounted battery
  • it has a metal gear transmission
  • it is designed around a Ladder frame chassis with an adjustable wheelbase (important for fitting other bodies)
  • the front and rear bumpers look great, and appear to be functional as well as sliders at the sides
  • 4 link rear end and 3 link front end
  • alloy links all around for steering and suspension

All in all it looks like a great package and on Modelflight where I saw the news first, they listed the Australian RRP as$399, so a competitive with the SCX kit which is normally around the $400 – $450 mark.

For more information visit the model page at the Vaterra website

Feature Event: Ryper Hobbies 2014 AARCMCC EP Off Road Australian Championships

What: 2014 AARCMCC EP Off Road Australian Championships
 22-26 October 2014
Where: End of Kyeema Street, behind the National Velodrome, Narrabundah, ACT.
Classes: Friday: 2wd Stock, 2wd Modified. Saturday: 4wd Stock, 4wd Modified. Sunday: Short Course Truck, Stadium Truck. Monday: Rain day
RC Tech Thread:

CORMCC in association with Ryper Hobbies and AARCMCC are proud to host the Ryper Hobbies 2014 AARCMCC EP Off Road Australian Championships, 22-26 October 2014.



Entries and tire orders will be via emailing the Entry Form to Payment details are included in the form.
Entries close 28th September 2014

Kyeema Street, Narrabundah, A.C.T.
Google Maps

We have an undercover pit area and club table and chairs to fit ~70-90 people with two per table. If you are travelling from nearby and can fit it in, BYO table/chair and shade. We will have an air compressor and wash bay for this event. There will be a canteen running throughout.

Wednesday: Open Practice
Thursday: Open Practice, controlled when needed
Friday: 2wd Stock, 2wd Modified
Saturday: 4wd Stock, 4wd Modified
Sunday: Short Course Truck, Stadium Truck
Monday: Rain day

Fees and payment details
First class: $40
Additional classes: $30

Control Tyres
2wd&4wd Rear: AKA Racing Rebar 2.2 (Soft) – 13108s – insert 33012 – $15.00/pr
4wd Front: AKA Racing Rebar 2.2 (Soft) – 13308s – insert 33013 – $15.00/pr
2wd Front: open

Stadium Truck:
Rear: AKA Racing Typo 2.2″ (Super Soft) – 13401vr – $20.00/pr
Front: open

Short Course Truck:
Rear: AKA Racing Gridiron (Soft) – 13003sr – $20.00/pr
Front: open


Useful links
AARCMCC Approved ESC List
ROAR Approved ESC List
ROAR Approved Lipos

What 4wd Buggy to race for 2014

I have written a couple of “What to Buy” type articles before, and with the release of the B44.3 I thought I would add a what 4wd Buggy to the list! We won’t separate into RTR or Kits because there are very few competition level 4wd buggies that are available as RTR’s. Mid mount or rear mount motors, well there are variations to positioning, but in 4wd they are all mid mounted. I may have missed out some, but I think I have most of the major models in the 4wd game at the moment.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Team Losi / TLR

TLR had a bit of a gap in their lineup until recently when the 22-4 was added to their range.  A development of the older XX-4 (not the XXX-4 that replaced that) it is unusual in that it sports a triple belt drive system rather than the driveshaft arrangement found more commonly in other 4wd Buggies.  Featuring an alloy chassis that is the current trend in buggy chassis it follows the norms there, but the forward motor, triple belt drive system certainly makes it look a bit different under the hood.  Ball Differentials at each end to provide drive and a cab forward body finish off what is an impressive package.  TLR even throw in two sets of wheels for the 22-4! Battery wise, it is Saddle packs here, although you can accommodate a few different sized packs.

Team Associated

The newest player on the 4wd block, although with a revised rather than all new car, is the Associated B44.3.  The B44 platform has been no slouch, and the .3 iteration adds some important updates.  An Alloy chassis being one notable feature update for this model along with a floating motor and servo mounts. Weight distribution is also a key flexibility with the ability to run a Front motor, rear saddle battery pack configuration, or flip it all around to with a rear motor configuration with a shorty pack on the opposite side. Gear differentials are a new feature to cater for the current generation of high grip, and/or indoor tracks, however the previous generation ball differentials are compatible.


The new ZX-6 Buggy is the natural choice for a Buggy form Kyosho which comes as a kit as with the B44.3 and 22-4 above, however there is a 2nd choice from Koysho.  That 2nd choice comes in the Ready to Run Dirt Hog Buggy which is a fraction of the price of the ZX-6 Kit.  Yes, it is nowhere near as competitive as it’s big brother, but as a vehicle for somebody wanting to try out 4wd Buggy for a smaller slice of your hard earned dollars, or a younger driver getting in to the hobby.  Based on the Fazer platform it comes with a 2.4ghz radio, slipper clutch, 27t brushed motor and ESC, NiMH battery and charger.

Let’s talk about big brother now, the ZX-6.  Like the B44.3 the ZX-6 has a configuration that can be altered from a shorty battery on the right or left, through to a saddle pack layout, although the ZX-6 has a few more configurations available than the B44.3.  Alloy chassis is the name of the game here as well, and the shocks are the quality we have come to expect from the ZX line of Kyosho vehicles.  Ball differentials at both ends and an aggressive cab forward body finish off what is always a high quality product.


For the most part Traxxas is a Basher brand, not racing.  This is illustrated by them not having a 1:10 4wd Buggy in their lineup.  So if you are a Traxxas Fan, move along, nothing to see here.


The much hyped, and long delayed D413 is the still hard to get Buggy from HPI/HB. It’s layout is a little different to the norm with it’s designer, Torrance Deguzman focusing on strength first to give the driver confidence to push on.  It has a very similar layout to it’s predecessor, the Hot bodies D4 and D4 WCE with a Carbon Fibre chassis, but very different front bulkheads/shock towers, with a triangular arrangement with front and rear arms bracing the arrangement.  Gear differentials x3 (front, centre & rear) are another defining feature.  This is something normally reserved for the big 1:8 buggies, but has been packed into the small D413 platform.  Another unusual feature is monocoque suspension arms with adjustable stiffness plates.  A Saddle Pack or Shorty configuration are also battery placement options along with Front or Rear motor placement options.  Whilst one of the more unusually configured buggies, it has proved itself at the 2013 Roar Nationals at the hands of Ty Tessmann where he took the win in the D413.


Xray are no strangers to off road racing with their luxury, and very competitive, 8th scale buggies, and now they have a fighter in the 10th scale ring in the form of the XB4, with the XB4 2014 being the latest version of the Buggy.  A key feature of the XB4 is the composite chassis frame with separate front and rear chassis plates allowing the entire rear suspension to be mounted in the standard position, or directly to the aluminium chassis with some optional parts. The front and read differentials are bevel gear types for lifespan and reliability, however optional ball differentials are available.  Saddle pack batters are the only battery configuration option here.


The CAT series of 4wd Buggies from Schumacher are legendary in their home country of England, and the latest version, the CAT K1 Aero is no exception. Sporting a Carbon Fibre chassis, nut guards on the shock towers to protect them from damage, gear differentials front and rear, twin efficient belt transmission and awesome black anodised parts, it is a car that looks as good as it performs.  Not the cheapest car with all the carbon fibre, but one that can perform on any world stage.


Bolstered by the addition of Atsushi Hara to their ranks of racers they have suddenly shot into the limelight.  It’s not that they are new, they just had a much lower profile in the west until recently.  In 1:10 their platform is the S104 EK1 which is a little hard to find much information about from their website, and to be honest, i’ve not seen anybody in Australia racing one, but it’s an option none the less.  I have seen a Kit and RTR version in different places which is unusual for a competition 4wd buggy.  It comes with two different bodies as well, one for salle pack configuration and a different one for shorty battery packs. Alloy chassis and shaft driven it’s layout is fairly conventional with maybe the exception of the 14mm wheel hexes.

Team Durango

Now onto it’s fourth version, the DEX410 V4 is an affordable car that is well engineered and proven itself on a range of race tracks around the world.  Stronger gear differentials and a narrow alloy chassis are features of the Buggy. The saddle pack battery configuration is a little different with the rear driveshaft running over the top of the batteries, and removed in order to change them.  The car comes with an almost bewildering range of adjustments, which means it can be made to work well on any circuit.


Yokomo also has a player in the 4wd game with their B-Max 4 III.  I’m afraid to say I know little about this platform, although I have seen a few people racing them.  Shaft driven, Gear differentials, Saddle Pack battery configuration and an alloy chassis all look top notch quality, and up to date in terms of their design.  It is just a manufacturer that we don’t hear a lot about.


A big name in RC Cars, but one that you don’t often see on the tracks with their TRF503 4wd Buggy.  Perhaps it is the price, nearly double some of its competitors, or maybe it is the …… no, really it;s the price that puts it out of reach for the average racer and for that much more over some fantastic other buggies in this sector that cost less, it’s hard to justify.