Racing Lines No.217 Out Now


This month’s Racing Lines is a good one I have to say, although a slightly different physical print than the last editions.

In between the covers you will find articles on LRP at the ETS season final, an interview with Shane Van Gisbergen of V8 Supercars and RC racing fame, a look back at some cars of the past from AYK, a look at the Latrax V8 Supercar, a review of the Team Associated RC10 1993 Worlds Car re release and of course the reports from the latest major Australian RC races around the country.

One article that caught my attention was Scott Guyatt’s article titled Get a Grip. It’s well worth a read and it examines the latest fad of high traction surfaces such as sugared off road tracks that simply eat tyres.  Whilst I don’t often have the opportunity to race on dirt I have to agree that I don’t think high traction, heavily prepared surfaces are the best thing for the RC Racing Scene on the whole.  Now I have to confess, my regular racing haunt is a high traction carpet surface, not because we were looking for high traction, but because the concrete in the shed we race on is too slippery to race anything.  Also the carpet can be removed when the site owners need the venue for other events.  I never thought I would hear myself saying that I have too much grip at any RC track, but it was a phrase I have used on many an occasion now that the track is almost 100% carpet.    Have a read of Scott’s article, and let us know what you think, but personally, I 100% agree that at a local level, it’s not good for the hobby I love.

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