What do the drivers think of the worlds so far

I’ve seen some interesting comments and thoughts from some of the top drivers at the 2014 Nitro Off Road Worlds in Sicily overnight so I thought I would post a few snippets of what they had to say.

Ryan Lutz

Practice is finally over! Quals start tomorrow. Plenty of controversy here regarding rules and running of the event. Double coming before the straight will continue to produce lots of controversy this week. I’m doing ok. Having lots of brake issues. Seems having proper brake setup is most important thing for this track. Few clear front runners so far. Biggest thing they have is ability to clear left double consistently and land on inside. Hoping it all comes together for me tomorrow. 10 minute runs vs timed 3 laps should help out. Hopefully the concrete holds up all week.

Robert Batlle

After controlled practice we are second!! Really happy with our performance, we got a good setup to start qualyfing tomorrow morning so we will try to make clean heats!
Also great talk with Jared Tebo before the ceremony and nice Wc’s Team photo!! 


Ty Tessmann

The first couple practices went well yesterday and we are getting the car dialed in, about to leave to the track for day two of practice. I’ll try to post more, wifi is hard to come by here.

and then

Day two of practice is over, everything is going well, relaxing with some gelato after dinner with Tim, Daniel and Torrance.
My car with the new Proline lexan wing.


Jared Tebo

I don’t think Jared is a fan of the surface.

The glued dirt is only 1/4 inch thick on top, concrete is starting to show everywhere

and later

Anyone need their bathroom tile updated?


Reno Savoya

Reno seems happy that his pace is improving, see more at https://www.facebook.com/rsavoya?fref=nf


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