S13 Micro RS4 Drift from HPI

HPI has released another body on it’s popular Micro RS4 platform, this time a Discount Tire S13 Silvia which is a  replica of Dai Yoshihara’s 1:1 drift car.

No dates other than Coming 2014, but it HPI are never too long releasing new kits … right?

Source: http://www.hpiracing.com/en/kit/112856

Driving Etiquette

All too often we see poor driver etiquette on the racing track.  Now I don’t mean bad driving from somebody who is learning or having a bad day, I mean poor driver etiquette.  Now you wouldn’t think that etiquette, a code of behavior that defines expectations of social behavior,  would have a place on a racetrack, but on a R/C racetrack it is very important.  Why?  Because without it races would degrade into a demolition derby.  Yes, there are rules in place to black flag poor driving and poor sportsmanship, but it goes deeper than that.  Let’s not forget that Racing Etiquette also extends to marshaling as well as you will see further down the page. Good, bad and inbetween, all drivers need to be reminded about etiquette at times.

Now this is something that you would expect would disappear from a race in the heat of the moment, but even at the highest levels of competition it is still not only desirable, but expected of drivers. Now I am no expert on the topic, although I try my best, so I defer to regular racer, and Racing Lines columnist Scott Guyatt who wrote the following piece on the website of my local club when he was a member.  I have not edited out the references to my local club, the piece is not mine to tamper with, but it gives a good overview of the etiquette behind Radio Control Car Racing.

As we continue to grow as a club, and learn our way around the R/C hobby, perhaps it’s time to think a little about ethics for R/C racers.

R/C is like any sport in that there are some guidelines which enable all of us to enjoy our hobby more.  Here’s a few that we want to encourage at Launceston R/C:


R/C is essentially a non contact sport.  For sure there will be racing accidents (like there are in any motor sport), but we’re not doing demolition derby.  The intent is to race cleanly, to pass cleanly, without crashing other driver’s off the track.

If you’re trying to pass another car, the responsibility lies with you to make it a clean pass. For sure push, probe, look for opportunities, but the car in front has the right to their racing line, and you have the responsibility to wait for the opportunity.

If you do crash into a car while trying to pass, racing ethics are to wait until the car you’ve hit is back on track and back in front of you (even if you have to wait for a marshall to intervene).

If you’re lapping the car in front, all the same rules apply – it’s your responsibility to find a clean way past.

The difference here is that if you are the car being lapped, it’s also your responsibility to make space for the car trying to find a way past.  V8 Supercars and F1 have blue flags to tell  drivers that they’re being lapped. We depend on each other to do that job – and the commentator and race-system will help let you know.  Letting a lapping car by is better for both of you than racing against them and trying to keep them behind.

The track boundaries are there to mark the race track. If you accidentally cut across a corner (even if it’s as the result of an accident that’s not your fault) you need to drive back to where you came from, or at the very least to wait to ensure you don’t get an undue advantage.

Driver Behaviour

R/C racing is a unique motorsport in that we stand side-by-side while we race.  If you’re in a V8 supercar, or a sprint-car you can yell and curse as much as you like, and nobody can hear you (except maybe your pit crew on the radio!).  If you start yelling and cursing on the Driver’s Stand at Launceston R/C, everybody can hear you.  Abuse of drivers, officials and marshalls is just plain unacceptable.  We discourage bad language so that we can keep Launceston R/C a great place to race for families of all ages.


It’s a standard system in R/C all over the world that you marshall immediately after you race. If you run two classes, you marshall twice.  We all make mistakes on the race track, and we all want to be marshalled quickly and efficiently – so each of us needs to take that approach to marshalling.

Within the bounds of your physical capability (remembering that some of you are nearly as old as me, and we don’t move so fast!), marshall well.  Watch your part of the track. Get to crashed cars as quickly as you safely can, put them back on the track as quickly (and safely) as you can.

Much as we all like to chat about our race, have a drink, something to eat etc, while we are marshalling just isn’t the time for those things. Marshall the way you want to be marshalled.  Fast and safe.

Those are just a few of the ethics of R/C, of making your club an enjoyable place to go racing.  Now, its over to you….

If you think this doesn’t happen at the highest levels, think again.  Have a look at the footage below of a 1:5 Touring Car Championship final from 2010 as covered by RC Racing TV.  In the first two minutes there are a number of occasions where front runners pause and allow the car that they have crashed into retake their position before continuing.  THAT is the kind of racing I love to see.  I’m not saying that clubs around the country aren’t teaching it, we all forget sometimes,  however i’ve also seen top drivers conveniently forget when they are frustrated by slower drivers.

XS-5 details from MCD Racing

MCD Racing has now released details of their new XS-5 platform, yes a big 1:5 scale on road beast!

MCD had the below to say about their new car:

We proudly reveal the XS-5 the largest super sports car on the new proven 5 series MCD 4WD chassis. With the XS-5 we are defining the pinnacle of the worlds large scale super sports car market. The XS-5 is a precision engineering and superior handling machine combined with a unique design language emphasizing XS-5’s aggressive and dynamic style.

The XS-5 will be available in FT(Factory Team) and Competition versions and will be equipped with the finest accessories&parts such as the rear diffuser, rear wing, side wings, front bumper, new 160mm (6.3 inch) super-grip low profile on-road tires and new 17 spoke high performance rims. The new Rossa HS on-road tires will be available in two different compounds; white and blue spot. Please keep tuned for the feature list and specs.

The first customers will take delivery of the new XS-5 in mid October.

Please note that some parts revealed on the XS-5 photos are prototypes and will be replaced with the originals as they are produced.

It certainly looks like an impressive package, it will be interesting to see what variation it spawns.  Imagine a 1:5 scale drift car!  There are more photos on the MCD website linked below if you are interested.

Source: http://www.mcdracing.com/news.php?news=59

Axial SCX10 Ram Power Wagon

Axial is at it again, but this time it’s not a Jeep!

It's not a Jeep!
It’s not a Jeep!
The SCX10™ Ram Power Wagon is modeled after the toughest civilian 4×4 truck on the planet. This legendary Ram pickup is now available for heavy duty service work on the jobsite during the week and trail adventures with all your friends on the weekends. The beautiful two piece body can be split and used with the AX80046 SCX10™ Roll Cage Flat Bed Set (not included). The details in the front grill and both bumpers really sets this vehicle apart.As always, you can expect top level trail performance from this offering. Take a legendary Ram truck platform, mate it to the legendary SCX10™ trail truck chassis, and you have a combination that is hard to rival. The SCX10™ Ram Power Wagon is ready when you are to tackle even the harshest off road terrain.
• WB8 HD Wildboar™ driveshafts
• Dual slipper clutch
• Single-coil, adjustable shocks
• Heavy duty differential lockers
• Officially licensed Walker Evans Racing wheels
• 1.9 Ripsaw tires (R35 compound)
• AE-5 waterproof ESC
• Tactic TSX45 water resistant metal gear servo

More details at http://www.axialracing.com/products/ax90037

The optional flat tray is a nice addition to available hopups
The optional flat tray is a nice addition to available hopups

Street Jam OTA-R31RS Drift Car

There is a new entry level drifter on the block, and it is the OTA-R31RS from Street Jam.   This package is impressive because it includes all metal, oil filled shocks, not something usually seen on any but the top end machines.

Parts are readily available, and the list of upgrades from a range of manufacturers is astounding.  The mid/front mount motor layout is great for drifting, and it readily takes a CS conversion. Yes, it has phillips head screws, my latest pet hate, but don’t let that hold you back from what is a good value package of little over $100 that comes already assembled and only needs electronics and a body.

Source: http://www.integy.com/st_prod.html?p_prodid=20468&p_catid=293#.VAU9W_mSy_E

Feature Event: 2014 Chilli FM Launceston R/C Cup

What: 2014 Chilli FM Launceston R/C Cup
When: 3-5 October 2014
Club: Launceston RC
Where:  Uniquely Tasmanian Pavilion, Quercus Park, Carrick, Tasmania
Classes: 4wd Buggy Mod, 4wd Buggy Stock, 2wd Buggy Mod, 2wd Buggy Stock, Short Course Stock, Short Course Open, Stadium Truck, Junior (under 13), Novice
RC Tech Thread: http://www.rctech.net/forum/australian-events/822670-2014-launceston-cup-hosted-launceston-rc-3-5-october-2014-a.html
Website: http://launcestonrc.com/2014-launceston-cup/
Online Entries:  Online Entries Here

Yes I am biased as this event is not only hosted by my local club, but I am one of the event organisers, so on to the event details.

Launceston R/C is proud to present the Fourth annual Chilli FM Launceston R/C Cup. We are excited to have Chill FM on board as naming sponsor for teh 2014 edition of our annual event.

This two day race meeting will bring together the best drivers from around Tasmania and Interstate for two days of intense indoor, electric R/C car racing with a range of classes providing an option for just about every EP R/C Off Road racer.

We are still on the hunt for sponsors, so if you know of any businesses that may be interested please let Richard Green know at greeny@richardgreenphotography.com.au . Naming sponsorship rights are still available, as are minor sponsorships.

When: Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of October, 2014


Friday – 6:00pm to 9:00 pm, Practice Session

Saturday -7:30 am open, 8:00 controlled practice, 8.45 drivers briefing, 9.10am racing starts. 30 minute Lunch at Approx 1 pm. Finish approx 3:40pm with Trophies for class winners.

Sunday – 7:30 am open, 8:00 controlled practice, 8.45 driver’s briefing, 9.10am racing starts. 30 minute Lunch at Approx 1 pm. Finish approx 4:40 pm with Trophies for class winners.

Where: Uniquely Tasmanian Pavilion, Quercus Rural Youth Park, Carrick, Tasmania just 10 minutes outside Launceston.

Classes Saturday: Open/4×4 Short Course Truck, 2wd Buggy Stock, 2wd Buggy Modified, Stadium Truck Open, Novice. Full details including rules for each class below. Any class may be removed if numbers do not reach at least 4 vehicles.

Classes Sunday: 2wd Short Course Truck Stock, 4wd 10th Buggy Stock, 4wd 10th Buggy Modified, Junior. Full details including rules for each class below. Any class may be removed if numbers do not reach at least 4 vehicles.

Track: For those who haven’t visited Launceston R/C before, the track surface has been evolving over the years to where the majority of the surface is carpet or artificial turf with man made jumps, humps and other artificial obstacles. There are small sections of concrete in places, however the majority of it is covered now, marking a big change in grip from when the track was mostly concrete. There will be a fresh track layout for this event to limit the advantage of local drivers.

Feature Event: 2014 Capricorn Cup

What: 2014 Capricorn Cup
When: 12-14 September 2014
Where:  Hardy St, Lilydale, Victoria – Melway’s Ref: 38 E5
Classes: 1/8th IC ONROAD, 1/10th PRO TOURER, 1/10th PULL START
RC Tech Thread: http://www.rctech.net/forum/australian-events/829098-2014-capricorn-cup-ic-onroad-mrccr-melbourne-12th-till-14th-september.html
Website: http://www.mrccr.com.au/
Online Entries:  http://live.slyfoxrmt.com/Default.aspx

MRCCR is proud to announce the
from the 12th till the 14th of September.

Event Details:

Track Location:
Hardy St, Lilydale, Victoria – Melway’s Ref: 38 E5

1/8th IC ONROAD, 1/10th PRO TOURER, 1/10th PULL START

Entry Cost:
$45 NO CROSS ENTERING between classes will be allowed,
$20 per additional class.

A minimum of 4, Max 6 x 10 minute heats, for each class.
Best single heat to count. XMAS Tree finals 15min 1/8 Finals, 20min ¼ Finals, 30min ½ Finals,
45min Main Finals. Personal transponders are supported using SlyFox timing software.

This will be a great opportunity for IC racers to get ready for the 2014 IC Nationals in Adelaide.
High grip and nationals length race distances, including a huge 45 minute final for each class.

CAPRICORN RC AUSTRALIA will be donating some fantastic r/c products
which will be raffled by the club and winners chosen from during the
throphy presentation at the end of this event.

Canteen will be open on Friday for basic food and drinks and will be full funtional
with great food for both Saturday & Sunday


Entries will only be accepted on SLYFOX

Direct Depoit Payment to:
MRCCR Inc BSB: 123 617 Acc: 22059326.

If entry via ONLINE SLYFOX is not possible, please contact Tim Westwood via
email: timwestwood@ettikadesign.com.au

Track Layout