Why Ask Ray Munday for Help?

So who is Ray Munday and why should you be asking him for help with your race RC Car?

You see Ray  wants to make sure as many people as possible are aware that they can talk to the factory drivers and ask questions, not just wait them to write about what they are interested in in magazines, forums or blogs.

Why Ray?

Well Ray is a sponsored driver, he is sponsored by JConcepts, Novak and Team Associated off-road electric products in Australia.  You will often see articles written by Ray in Racing Lines about vehicles, or setups that work in different areas. However what more is there to know about Ray?  Well have a read below to see what Ray had to say about himself.

My Background: I have been racing electric off-road since 1992 and am the Australian factory driver for Associated / Reedy, JConcepts and Team Novak. I race 1/10 electric off road only (2wd, 4wd and SCT) and am based in Melbourne.

Outside R/C racing: I am a professional mechanical engineer working in full-size off-road vehicle development (for Toyota) and have previously worked in F1, WRC and Dakar.

The help thread was started as a way to assist people to get the most out of their cars and equipment in Australian conditions. A lot of the setups online are for high grip, smooth, perfect tracks – not like most in Australia. I’m happy to field questions on all topics in rc, and not just on the brands I am sponsored by.

The thread that Ray refers to is the Ask Ray Munday thread on the gigantic RCTech forums, specifically linked below.


The thread itself is certainly worth a read with reviews, insights, hints and tips on so many facets of RC Off Road racing. These include setups, reviews of cars, reviews of tyres, driving tips and all sorts of hints and help offered to people over the years.

So instead of reading about it in Racing Lines, be a part of it and get your questions answered!

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