Some great hard to find RC Bodies can all be found on ebay

I was clearing out the rubbish from my email inbox this morning and saw a favourite sellers newsletter from ebay that prompted me to write an article about 2 ebay sellers that I have not used, but love the work that they do!

Colins Classics and Castings

The first one is in Australia and shows up on ebay as Colins Classics and Castings.  Not very RC sounding I know, but bodies of some iconic RC cars are available from this ebay store.  XY GTHO Falcons, Holden FX Utes, Holden Monaros, VW Kombis, Holden Toranas, Sandmans vans, Mad Max Interceptors and more!

Yes, they are not the most detailed models, but where else are you going to get a XY GTHO Lexan body? Visit the store at  .  Oh, and as a last minute addition, it looks like the business is currently for sale if you are interested.  Details are on the ebay store.

Team Bluegroove

The 2nd ebay store I would like to feature is Team Bluegroove.  I found this looking for a 1:10 959 body for my XV-01, something I failed to do, but found these guys as a result. These guys specialise in making or reproducing a lot of RC bodies that are either extremely hard to find, or out of production, or are unique creations of their own (like the van body for the Traxxas 1:16 rally).  Check them out at . Kyosho Optima Pro Body Version 2, RC10 Bodies, stacks of awesome mini bodies, Kyosho USA1 Truck Body, HPI Super Nitro Rally bodies etc etc etc.  The list is almost endless with 700 bodies on their list when I checked this morning.  These guys have some great gear and are worth checking out if you are looking for a body with a bit of a difference!

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