2014 Chilli FM Launceston R/C Cup Results

With the support of Chilli FM, Action R/C, Trophy Traders, Hot Toddy’s Heater Installs and Pabs Discount Car Parts, innovative R/C motorsports club Launceston R/C hosted the highly successful Chilli FM Launceston R/C Cup in early October 2014.


Now featuring a fully carpeted off road layout at our venue in the Uniquely Tasmanian Pavilion at Quercus Rural Youth Park, Carrick. Tasmania’s R/C racers responded incredibly, with a Launceston R/C record of 105 entries making it the most successful event in the four year history of this Annual event.

Members from all Off Road Clubs around the state attended the event and took part in some incredibly competitive racing, amazing camaraderie, fantastic atmosphere, great coffee from Bump ‘N’ Grind Coffee and the mouth watering hamburgers from Burger Junkie.

There was strong entries across all of the classes with two heats being run in 4wd Modified Buggy, 2wd Buggy Stock, Stadium Truck Stock, and three rounds in 2wd Short Course Truck Stock.

Launceston R/C is very thankful for the support of all it’s supporters, together with our other event sponsors in putting together this fantastic event. We’re looking forward to even bigger and better things in 2014.

Full details, including photos, video of the raceway and comprehensive results are available at www.launcestonrc.com

2014 Chilli FM Launceston R/C Cup Overall Positions

Trophy Traders 2wd Short Course Truck Stock

  1. Andrew MacKenzie (SCX60CF)
  2. Brady Anthes (TLR 22SCT)
  3. Phil Reibel (TLR 22SCT)


Action RC Junior 1:10 Off-Road

  1. Sam Betts (Durango DEX210)
  2. Bailey Tyler (Associated B44.1)
  3. Tylar Jenni (Schumacher K1)


4wd Stock Buggy

  1. Marcel Jenni (Schumacher K1 Aero)
  2. Phil Reibel (TLR 22-4)
  3. Danny Tatnell (Kyosho ZX-5)

Hot Toddy’s Heater Installs 2wd Stock Buggy

  1. Pier Vandermerwe (TLR 22 2.0)
  2. Calvin James (Associated B4.2)
  3. Jade Chandler (Associated B5)
Open / 4×4 Short Course

  1. Justin Strickland (TLR 22SCT)
  2. Brady Anthes (TLR 22SCT)
  3. Marcel Jenni (Losi Ten-SCTE)


Open Stadium Truck:

  1. Andrew MacKenzie (X60CF)
  2. Jarrod Painting (Kyosho RT6)
  3. Matthew Chandler (Durango DEST210)

Pabs Discount Car Parts 4wd Mod Buggy

  1. Tim Parsons (Yokomo Bmax4)
  2. Jessie Hilder (TLR 22-4)
  3. Justin Strickland (Xray XB4)

2wd Mod Buggy

  1. Justin Strickland (Xray XB4 2wd)
  2. Tim Parsons (Kyosho RB6)
  3. Mark Rayner (Xray XB4 2wd)


Other Awards:

  • Pabs Discount Car Parts Most Improved Junior: Max Hoare
  •  Specie of the Meet: Zoltan Lokos
  • Saturday Concourse De Elegance: Jessie Hilder
  • Sunday Concourse De Elegance: Ben Hoare

All photos of the two days can be found here for Saturday, and here for Sunday.

Other upcoming events in Tasmania are the Goodwood Cup this weekend in Hobart, and the Latrobe Cup near Devonport on the 6th and 7th of December.

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