Some great hard to find RC Bodies can all be found on ebay

I was clearing out the rubbish from my email inbox this morning and saw a favourite sellers newsletter from ebay that prompted me to write an article about 2 ebay sellers that I have not used, but love the work that they do!

Colins Classics and Castings

The first one is in Australia and shows up on ebay as Colins Classics and Castings.  Not very RC sounding I know, but bodies of some iconic RC cars are available from this ebay store.  XY GTHO Falcons, Holden FX Utes, Holden Monaros, VW Kombis, Holden Toranas, Sandmans vans, Mad Max Interceptors and more!

Yes, they are not the most detailed models, but where else are you going to get a XY GTHO Lexan body? Visit the store at  .  Oh, and as a last minute addition, it looks like the business is currently for sale if you are interested.  Details are on the ebay store.

Team Bluegroove

The 2nd ebay store I would like to feature is Team Bluegroove.  I found this looking for a 1:10 959 body for my XV-01, something I failed to do, but found these guys as a result. These guys specialise in making or reproducing a lot of RC bodies that are either extremely hard to find, or out of production, or are unique creations of their own (like the van body for the Traxxas 1:16 rally).  Check them out at . Kyosho Optima Pro Body Version 2, RC10 Bodies, stacks of awesome mini bodies, Kyosho USA1 Truck Body, HPI Super Nitro Rally bodies etc etc etc.  The list is almost endless with 700 bodies on their list when I checked this morning.  These guys have some great gear and are worth checking out if you are looking for a body with a bit of a difference!

On Board Sound from Traxxas

I’ve posted very little about the Traxxas On Board Audio system, mainly because they aren’t the first, or last, to make these systems for RC Cars.  However I saw this video today from Radio Control Car Action and it demonstrated the system very well, and while the sound itself is a little over the top, the effect is very good, check it out below.

Another new rig from Axial, the Wraith Spawn


Axial have released a new version of the Wraith, this time featuring a fully enclosed body on the slightly unfortunately named Spawn.  Perhaps they were thinking of the comic book anti-hero of the same name?


Anyway, the details!

The Axial Wraith™ Spawn is packed with performance features. This full bodied version Wraith retains many of the components that made this vehicle famous. The virtually bulletproof AR60 OCP axles are ready take the Spawn through its paces whether blasting through the wide open desert or hammering its way through the toughest rock trails. The Ripsaw™ 2.2 tires are a proven true grip standard, wrapped around industry proven Method IFD™ beadlock wheels. Whether you are rock racing or just backyard bashing, the Wraith™ Spawn is ready for action.

For more details visit


1:10 Off Road Slicks from Jconcepts

I know that Panther slick tyres are used at most racing at the Gold Coast indoor off road circuit, and now it seems that Jconcepts wants a slice of the action.

Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 6.06.47 PM

JConcepts remains committed to 1/10th off-road racing by releasing the Smoothies. In some conditions in off-road racing, there is no denying that a slick tire is the fastest way around the track. Throughout the racing calendar year, there are several tracks where slicks in gold compound are the go-to tire. In damp weather, indoor clay surfaces become so tacky that the lower the tread or to the point of zero tread is an advantage. For years drivers have sanded, ground and hand sculpted tires in search of that elusive slick carcass for racing.

Now, with JConcepts, racers have the slick option straight out of the package. Released as a 60mm bead mounting diameter, the JConcepts Smoothies mount straight to the latest generation wheels for that all important reactive feel. The carefully profiled tire carcass rolls through the turns with efficiency while the maximum smooth surface area grips the specialty surfaces like no other. The Smoothies include Dirt-Tech 60mm inserts which have made an immediate presence on the racing scene since their release. The identifiable gray color with custom sculpted features, are blended into the newly developed insert material which provide racers a durable option capable of being used in medium to extremely high-traction conditions.


· JConcepts design and function
· Designed in conjunction with Brian Kinwald and Jason Ruona
· 60mm or 2.4” bead mounting size
· Carefully shaped carcass = rolling speed
· Includes 60mm Dirt-Tech (gray) inserts


Is waterproof really waterproof

Axial Racing posted an interesting guide yesterday titled “The truth about waterproof” walking about the claims by many manufacturers about their equipment that is waterproof.

Now the crawlers amongst you who have rigs that can survive full immersion in creeks, rivers and lake know exactly how much work and maintenance it takes to make, and keep, a vehicle truly waterproof.

The truth is that most RTR vehicles are Water Resistant at best, but have a read of the article over at Axial for yourself 😉

RAB Classic Results


The RAB Hobbies Classic was held at Bendigo last weekend. I won’t re post all the photos here, instead check them out at

Great weather, great track, great people. What more needs to be said.

1st Scott Rawlings (TQ)
2nd Will Moore
3rd Toby Whatmore

Full results (PDF)

RC Tech Discussion Forum

Remember that Round 8 of the Vic Cup Series is at the Bendigo track in 3 weeks time.

Not much regional racing this week? Nationals is why!

Yes, not one but two nationals are happening this weekend.

One is the South Australia Large Scale (SALS) AARCMCC Large Scale Nationals this weekend, the forgotten nationals if you like when compared with the attention that the “other” nationals are getting. For more details on the Large Scale Nationals visit

Why is the “other” nationals getting so much attention? Because it is the AARCMCC Australian Championships for 1:10 Electric Off road, what is probably the most popular R/C category in Australia at the moment. These are being held in Canberra this weekend and there is certainly quite a buzz about the event and with good reason. For more details, visit and get down to the track to check it out if you have the chance.

Racing Lines 218 Out Now

Yes the latest edition of that home grown RC Magazine, Racing Lines, has hit the shelves, and I am happy to say a Rally Car makes it on to the front cover!!

Articles in this edition include:

  • the latest news
  • the Team Orion and Savox equipment in the Racing Lines RC10 worlds tester
  • an RC History article on the Tamiya Boomerang
  • a flashback down memory lane to a February 2005 edition
  • a review of the Team Associated Pro Rally RTR
  • a review of the Falken Edition Jeep Wrangler G6 from Axial Racing
  • all the latest race reports from around the country

I don’t normally run any editorial on the content of Racing Lines as generally I enjoy what I read, however I found an exemption that I took a dislike to in the report on the Keilor Cup.  Of course all of the racers were listed in what positions they came in , with reports on how each class fared. 4wd Modified naturally got one of the larger write ups, which is normal being is it is the pinnacle if you like of competitive RC racing in 1:10 electric off road.What got me off side however was that much of the writeup was not about the gentleman who eventually won the class.  To quote the paragraph that got my hackles up;

While it needs to be said Wells drove most likely on of the best drives of his career, he was never at any point the fastest guy out there by any means but when you finish a final with a 0.2 consistency you know you are doing something right.

The driver in question is Tasmanian driver Sam Wells, who is arguably one of the fastest drivers in the state.  It wasn’t the presumption that this was an exceptional drive for Sam but the apparently snide comment about him not being the fastest person out there by a margin.  That may be true, but racing is about many things, being quick around the track is only one part of the winning formula, doing it lap after lap after lap is another, having a competitive car another, having a well prepared car that does not fail also a key ingredient, with luck being the final factor.

At the end of the day, the best driver crosses the line at the end of the race to take the win.  I don’t know if this was simply not intended to come across the way I read it, or if the explanation is a different one.  Personally I like to see credit given where credit is due, not lament and excuses for those that were supposed to perform better than they did.  If that was the case motorsport around the world would be very different, just look at the Bathurst 1000 just last week!

Be the judge for yourself, but that is my rant for the week.