AARCMCC EP Off Road Rule Changes

Not everybody would have seen the recent rule changes that were voted on and approved in recent months signaling some changes in the AARCMCC regulations for Electric, Off Road 1:10th racing.

One change related to changing Stadium Truck from 10.5 motors to open motors which makes sense to me as I see a lot of racers stepping up to that class from Short Course Truck, and let’s face it, those big tires need more power than a 10.5!

The second rule change I was involved in as I co-wrote the proposal on behalf of my local club.  The rule was proposing to update the rule 3.3 with regards to the track surface stating that the track surface for a sanctioned event needed to be predominantly dirt.  The proposal wasn’t a blanket yes to carpet or astroturf surfaces, it had a few provisos and checks built into it. The proposed rule 3.3.3 stated:

A multi-surface or artificial surface track may be approved for sanctioned events on the following conditions:

  1. All other track requirements must still be met (such as dimensions, inclusion of jumps, bumps and other ‘off-road’ obstacles for example)
  2. AARMCC Executive are satisfied that the host club, track and venue is suitable for the staging of the event as a genuine “Off-road” event
  3. At least 50% of other clubs in the host state agree to the use of the multi-surface or artificial surface track being used for the event in question
  4. In the event that no other club within the host state is willing to host the event, the condition (3) above is void

So the track has to be the same size specification, a genuine off road nature in the layout and obstacles, approval of 50% of other clubs in the state.  If there was no other club willing to host the event then the approval was not needed in point 3.  This opens up a number of venues to be able to run sanctioned events, Launceston RC being one of them.

Both of these rule changes were submitted to affiliated clubs and voted on, with both rule change proposals being carried with implementation to occur in 2015.  I was relieved that the track surface rule passed as big events in Europe have been run on these surfaces for some time, and it seemed unfair to me that the current regulations did not allow for this surface to be used, which is no less challenging than a dirt track.

So a few changes of EP off road for next year.  There is some changes to 1:8 GP off road being proposed, but to date nothing has been agreed to yet.  Many are saying that a change is needed, and while i’m no expert, numbers seem a little down in some areas indicating that there needs to be a change.  Just what that is time will tell.

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