“ROAR and IFMAR Should Look at Their Rulebooks and Start Crossing Some Stuff Out”

“ROAR and IFMAR Should Look at Their Rulebooks and Start Crossing Some Stuff Out” isn’t the title of my article, but rather that of an interview between Radio Control Car Action and  Orange County RC Raceway’s outspoken owner, Robert Black.

The full interview can be found on their website here http://www.rccaraction.com/blog/2014/11/10/roar-and-ifmar-should-look-at-their-rulebooks-and-start-crossing-some-stuff-out/

It presents some interesting opinions, and thoughts with regards to a needed clean out of old, unused our outdated rules.  In Australia many of our rules either follow or are based on one of these rule sets, in other areas they have evolved on their own over time with AARCMCC being the largest Sanctioning body (but not the only one) in Australia.

I’m not saying we need to throw out the rule book, but a fresh look at it once in and a while is worthwhile.  Look at 1:8 GP off road, there was some fairly large rule changes proposed recently that the clubs mostly voted against.  However the problem there was an all or none approach where a yes or no vote was the only options to some significant changes.  Almost all of the proposed changes were well received, however one fiscal one that made affiliation more expensive for clubs by a significant factor was a sticking point for many clubs.

If it had been broken down into two or three parts the majority of changes would have been carried.  Nobody likes change for changes sake, but you need to give people time to digest the changes one at a time, not throw a whole new book at them. I hope the proposal is re written and re submitted for voting once again because a lot of the ideas would certainly move things forward in terms of professionalism and the way that the sport is perceived. People just prefer to see such changes in smaller bites.

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