GCM Racing improving the Vaterra Ascender

It didn’t take long for aftermarket parts for the Ascender to start appearing. This combo is from GCM Racing

Scale trucks require scale looks, and this includes interior details. The Ascender kit already has a frame mounted servo, and great body details, but only the GCM Combo Kit allows the builder to include a full custom interior and still retain the stock Ascender components.

Each Ascender Combo Kit includes a front motor/trans mount that replaces the stock motor plate, and re-uses the stock hardware. The front motor plate mounts between the front shock towers, replacing the crossbar that’s included in the stock kit. The transmission screws to the frame on the left side with a new screw (included) through the left back shock tower hole, making the assembly super strong and ready to take any beating. The re-location of these components easily clears the stock suspension links for full travel. The Ascender 86t spur gear requires a very small frame notch between the right side shock tower (as shown in this picture) but the Twin Hammer 78t spur gear does not require this modification (if you’re using a 2 speed transmission swap).

The center of the truck needs a Transfer Case when the transmission moves up front, and for this task we’ve added the tested-and-true GCM 1:1 Transfer Case for maintenance free long lasting operation, and common 5mm output shafts. The Transfer case mounts to a new cradle, which clips into the left frame rail, and attaches from the bottom with 2 of the stock transmission screws in the original holes. It’s a very simple cradle, with rock solid mounting, and even includes a mini servo mount so you can mount a shift servo for the 2 speed option!

Center driveshafts from the Ascender are too short, so we’ve added an option (when available) to add a package of VTR232070 driveshafts so you can extend your plastic stock center shafts. This is done with a female-male-female setup, where the female ends are on the axle and T-Case, and the male slider fits in between the 2 female ends for a complete setup.

If you’re looking for high performance, then we recommend the MIP14295 steel shaft set, which do work well on the GCM Combo Kit parts, but works even better with a slightly shorter shock extension (100mm). The stock 109mm shock extension does make the shafts a bit wobbly at full droop, but they won’t fall out.

There’s a need for an intermediate shaft from the Trans to the T-Case with the combo kit, and we’ve added an option (when available) for a dual universal rock solid center intermediate shaft to connect the drivetrain with all steel parts. If you want to make up your own center shaft using Vaterra or SCX truck parts, then you’ll need a shaft that’s 67mm long, or this RC4wd shaft works well.

Please see this assembly video (coming soon) for more details.

Each Kit includes the following parts:
Front motor/trans mount-Black finish
Motor mount hardware and trans attachment bolt
Center Cradle and servo mount-Black finish
Servo mount screws
GCM 1:1 Transfer Case Complete Kit-Black finish
Mount hardware for T-Case

Source: http://gcmracing.ca/viewitem.php?productid=141

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