Postie arrived with a Team Durango Present

photoI was lucky enough to catch the postie this morning before heading to work.  Lucky because he arrived bearing gifts for me, my new DESC210R kit from Tower Hobbies. I know there is probably a new V2 version on the way, but as I have the original DEX210 the parts commonality will be helpful, as well as the price on tower being a staggeringly low $160 USD. Why so low, well as I said before, a V2 is on the way! Talking to local Team Durango Driver Leo Lorenzen, Tower sold out of the cheap kits less than a week after I ordered and they have been marked as Discontinued (although not on the TD website yet), for once I was able to take advantage of a good deal which I normally manage to miss out on.

I suppose it’s a little bittersweet as this purchase marks a transition for me from being in the HPI camp, to my race vehicles all being Team Durango, but it’s not such a bad thing really as I ave been very impressed with the one Durango I have.

So keep your eyes peeled for photos from the build, and later on a report of how it goes on the track etc.

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