Kyosho Plazma LM Nissan R90CP kit

There is something irresistable about LM cars, but then I suppose i’ve never really been an F1 fan so this is the next thing really.

Kyosho Plazma LM Nissan R90CP kit

Kyosho soon have a new bodyshell variant of the Plazma LM 1/12th scale chassis kit available. Joining the Toyota TS020, the Porsche 962 and the Mazda 787B is the 1990’s Nissan R90CP No. 23. Based on the Plazma Ra competition pan car the Plazma LM series of cars build on a long wheelbase chassis with conventional T-bar rear suspension, a single central shock and dual side dampers. The highly adjustable front suspension is directly taken over from the LM’s competition sibling as are many parts of the rear suspension including the adjustable ball differential. The car is useable with a wide range of battery configurations including 1S to 2S LiPo batteries and four to six cell NiMH battery packs and comes almost ready-to-run including a brushed G20 standard motor, pre-mounted high grip foam tires and the highly detailed Nissan R90CP body shell.

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Kyosho Beetle Second Coming

Kyosho have released details of the 2014 version of their classic Beetle Buggy. Have a read of what the 2014 version has in store 😉

The Second ultimate revival! Get ready for the resurgence of Kyosho’s famous Beetle!
In the spirit of the original but with upgrades throughout!

The legendary Kyosho Beetle is credited with taking the racing buggy category into the realm of pure motorsports. Even after 30 years since it was first released in 1983, the indelible mark of the Beetle still exists with its many fans around the world. Kyosho is proud to renew this machine to all its former glory! While maintaining the wild and free spirit of the original baja bug style body and chassis layout, the 2014 version features the latest in performance technology and sacrifices nothing in speed and endurance on modern buggy racing tracks. Externally it may look like the original Beetle with its semi-trailing suspension arms, but the advanced 6061T6 forged aluminum material delivers futuristic levels of strength, rigidity and durability. Following the original design, the Beetle 2014 features a new two-piece die-cast aluminum gearbox with differential gears. In addition, the included slipper clutch protects the transmission as well as delivers efficient traction that takes the Beetle’s control feel and durability to a new higher level. Precision 48 pitch gears reduce traction pulsation for direct driving control characteristics while the flat under surface of the countersunk chassis has no protruding screw heads for minimal contact resistance and scraping, resulting in higher durability. Stainless shafts combine with aluminum shock bodies on the oil shocks for smooth stroke from top to bottom and running performance worthy of a true racing buggy. Like the original Beetle, the 2014 version is packaged as an unassembled kit, but nearly all tapping screws and nuts have been replaced with the improved lightweight and security of hex screws. From expert racers who knew the magic of the original Beetle to modern-day racers, discover for yourself why the Beetle 2014 commands such respect!


AARCMCC EP Off Road Rule Changes

Not everybody would have seen the recent rule changes that were voted on and approved in recent months signaling some changes in the AARCMCC regulations for Electric, Off Road 1:10th racing.

One change related to changing Stadium Truck from 10.5 motors to open motors which makes sense to me as I see a lot of racers stepping up to that class from Short Course Truck, and let’s face it, those big tires need more power than a 10.5!

The second rule change I was involved in as I co-wrote the proposal on behalf of my local club.  The rule was proposing to update the rule 3.3 with regards to the track surface stating that the track surface for a sanctioned event needed to be predominantly dirt.  The proposal wasn’t a blanket yes to carpet or astroturf surfaces, it had a few provisos and checks built into it. The proposed rule 3.3.3 stated:

A multi-surface or artificial surface track may be approved for sanctioned events on the following conditions:

  1. All other track requirements must still be met (such as dimensions, inclusion of jumps, bumps and other ‘off-road’ obstacles for example)
  2. AARMCC Executive are satisfied that the host club, track and venue is suitable for the staging of the event as a genuine “Off-road” event
  3. At least 50% of other clubs in the host state agree to the use of the multi-surface or artificial surface track being used for the event in question
  4. In the event that no other club within the host state is willing to host the event, the condition (3) above is void

So the track has to be the same size specification, a genuine off road nature in the layout and obstacles, approval of 50% of other clubs in the state.  If there was no other club willing to host the event then the approval was not needed in point 3.  This opens up a number of venues to be able to run sanctioned events, Launceston RC being one of them.

Both of these rule changes were submitted to affiliated clubs and voted on, with both rule change proposals being carried with implementation to occur in 2015.  I was relieved that the track surface rule passed as big events in Europe have been run on these surfaces for some time, and it seemed unfair to me that the current regulations did not allow for this surface to be used, which is no less challenging than a dirt track.

So a few changes of EP off road for next year.  There is some changes to 1:8 GP off road being proposed, but to date nothing has been agreed to yet.  Many are saying that a change is needed, and while i’m no expert, numbers seem a little down in some areas indicating that there needs to be a change.  Just what that is time will tell.

Team Durango disbanding Pro team and changing direction

The big news this morning is the news that Team Durango is disbanding their Pro team to focus on racing at a local level.  It’s an unusual move in the industry, and one that I hope pays off for them.  However only time will tell if removing the pros from the equation will help or hinder their sales.

Other news was the announcement of 5 new vehicles coming in 2015 so interesting times at Team Durango.

Team Durango – Re-Focus & Exciting Future Plans

Dear Customer,

It’s the time of year where we review the season and plan for the future, so we would like to share with you our strategy for 2015 and beyond.

2015 will be a massive year for Team Durango; we have several important and exciting product launches on the way. So it’s more important than ever to make sure we support our racers and our fans.

The race scene is changing and that requires a change of strategy to best meet the needs of our hugely valued customers.

Local racers are getting more sophisticated, more knowledgeable, local racing is getting tougher, the thirst for knowledge at this level has never been higher; social media and information sharing between our customers is now the norm. At the same time the big national and international events are often becoming less relevant to our customers.  We all love to watch the Pros battle it out at the big events, but do these one off races help us make a good product for you?  Upon reflection we don’t think so; testing, analysis and hard work do.

With the World Championships behind us, the new season and exciting product ahead, it’s time for Team Durango to re-focus on product development and helping you win at your local track, rather than having paid Pro racers competing for national and International titles.

The following plans will take us all into an exciting future.

  • We will re-focus on local club racing; we will help you be part of a supportive Team Durango community. This will mean over the next few months we dissolve our Pro race team and replace it with a new race team program that helps support local racing.
  • We will ccontinue to improve our parts support over the coming months to allow you to get everything you need, exactly when you need it
  • We will increase our community support through social media and public RC forums to give you access to everything you need, to get the very most from Team Durango products.
  • We will increase the opportunities for you to stay connected with other Team Durango racers, sharing your experiences and learning new skills from like-minded racers.  We will overhaul our local team driver program; expect more news on this soon.
  • We will release 5 all-new Team Durango cars over the coming months, including our exciting and innovative Patent Pending 1/8 Electric and Nitro Buggy platforms. These exciting vehicles further cement our commitment to a solid future of racing and development for Team Durango.
  • We will stay committed to creating high-quality, cutting-edge, RC racing products, which always look cool and are always hot on the track.
  • We will continue to develop all of our cars via ongoing testing and user feedback, as we have always done, but more so. We will maintain a strong line-up of precision racing machines that cater for the most popular RC disciplines.

Stay tuned for more news, the future for Team Durango is going to be more exciting than ever.

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