Team Associated T5M

I kinda missed this announcement while I was on holidays, but as it is a Stadium Truck, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to post about it! Now I’m not sure if Team Associated were ready to release the vehicle or not as a body off shot was leaked on Facebook by Ryan Cavalieri, a photo that was subsequently removed, but by then the damage was done already and soon after came the official release.


Since the beginning of the class, Team Associated has been the leader in 1:10 scale 2WD truck racing. Over 24 years have come and gone since the first RC10T made its debut in 1991 and created a winning legacy that continues today in a truck class which is ever evolving.

Making the perfect marriage. By taking the proven championship-winning RC10T4 platform and applying the technologies used in the B5M, the engineers of Team Associated’s Area 51 created the RC10T5M. Like the B5M, the T5M has an aluminum chassis and mid-motor configuration that are designed to take full advantage of the surface conditions and high traction levels available on today’s tracks.

Now there is no word on a Rear Motor configuration T5, or if the T4 will continue to be produced in that rear mount role.  However much as I am not a TA fan per say, the T5M does look fantastic.  For more details hit up the TA website at

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