Team Associated Lightweight B5M

Team Associated have released a lightweight version of the B5M specifically for Stock racing where every gram counts.  Officially called the RC10B5M Factory Lite Kit #90000  it doesn’t look a lit different, but the weight savings are significant! Shedding over 75 grams of weight, the RC10B5M Factory Lite includes a 3-gear transmission for lower rotational mass, a lightened hard-anodized aluminum chassis, titanium turnbuckles, and aluminum front axles.

Interesting the actual weight isn’t listed on the Associated website, but some sites are reporting a weight of 1500g.  Compare that with a Team Durango DEX210 V2 which weighs in at 1650g, it’s certainly a featherweight in the 2wd bugy market. For more details visit the TA website at

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