New kits from Team Durango

Not one, or two, but four new kits from Team Durango have hit the airwaves in the last couple of days.  It certainly signals quite a change in the TD platforms in many ways with four new vehicles in three different categories all based on the same innovative platform.

DNX8, DEX8T, DEX8 and DESC10 are the names of the model and follow a similar naming convention to the previous generation of TD kits.  From the blurb the platform looks to be 100% new with little to no parts carried over from previous kits.  I won’t go through all of the features, because, well there is a lot.  Some of the new design aspects that intrigue me  include

  • The sliding gear mesh where the centre differential, not the motor, is moved to change the gear mesh
  • The active caster inserts which rotate and change out like some of the suspension adjustments on the 210 and 410 kits
  • An apparent focus on ease of maintenance and durability, never a bad thing
  • The partially built nature of the kit with many components coming assembled
  • The 1:10 4×4 SCT based on the 1:8 platform is a good step even allowing it to take 1:8 size electronics!

Find more out about each of the kits at the following links


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