NEW Serpent 1/8 Cobra GP buggy 1/8 version 2.2

The Serpent Cobra Buggy 2.2 is a result of continuous development and intensive cooperation with the key team-drivers.

New Serpent teamdriver ran the Cobra 2.2 version at the recent Neo 2015 race in the UK, qualified 6th overall and finished 11th in the A-main . Great results after only so few practice laps with the Cobra, in such worldclass field..

  • The changes for the 2.2 version are not big, but very important to make you go around the track easier and faster.
  • Upright buggy 1/8 V2 (2)
  • Wheelaxle buggy v2 (2)
  • Driveshaft buggy 98mm (2)
  • Wheel-axle boot rubber (2)
  • Antiroll bar front 2.3mm

and below developments are continued also in the 2.2 version.
– plus 4 chassis: the hard anodised chassis is 4mm longer in the rear, creating a more stable rear end, especially better on tracks with short bumps and rough surface. The great handling on smooth, flat surfaces remains !
– longer alu rear brace: the longer alu brace also helps to make the rear end more stable. The shorter nylon or alu version can also still be fitted.
– longer rear central shaft: to suit the longer chassis a longer rear central shaft is needed (which is actually the same as the one used in Cobra buggy 1.0 )
– hard coated shockcaps: the hardcoated aluminium shockcaps can withstand the rigors of crashes better
– aluminium 14 dgr casterblocks The Cobra buggy has a lot of steering already which makes it turn very fast. The 14 degree caster blocks help to smoothen steering out a bit, still lot of steering , but easier, less direct, creating a more stable front end.


Serpent webpage:

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Designed by Billy Easton from the USA
Serpent offroad designer and world champion

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