How heavy is Lightweight?

There was some fanfare about B5M Factory Lite kit when it came out as a great, lightweight, stock class racer, and I thought what a good idea, lighter is faster! 75g lighter than the regular B5mM, fantastic!!

However something about the touted weights seemed familiar but I never looked into it.  However my recent acquisition of some 2nd hand shorty packs prompted me to think about the weight saving of these packs as well as the punch provided by them as they are MUCH newer than my existing packs. So I thought I would re look at the B5M and it’s lighteright sibling.

While official weights have not been published, I have seen the B5M noted as weighing 1342g without a battery or weights by a user online, so a Factory Lite should be around 1267g.  So I took the battery out of my DEX210 (details here of what it is fitted with) and it came in at 1312g. Ok, it has an alloy chassis, not plastic, gear diff,  steel driveshafts, still a slipper clutch, transponder fitted etc etc. Now minimum buggy weight under the AARCMCC regulations is 1500g, so anything under that really is a pointless saving. So with a battery fitted I weighed in at 1600g, a little on the weighty side of things.  However with the new shorty fitted there was a 75g saving in weight, an uncannily similar figure from higher up the page bringing me down to 1525, not bad all in all I think for somebody who isn’t a truly serious racer.

So all that weight saving is pointless?  well, no not at all.  Yes, you still have to be over 1500g, and my buggy can loose a little weight (much like it’s driver), but with a shorty battery as the weight saving instead of in the kit, it means I have the flexibility to move the battery around to help tune the handling of the buggy, something that made a big difference on my first night of running the new shorty batteries.  Mind you, with a lightweight buggy you can add weights to tune the performance, but i’m too lazy to mess around with those, and it’s just another part that I need to buy!

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