FEMCA 2015 Championships Perth

Yes, I have been a bit slack about racing news, and this is a somewhat large omission, the Far East Model Car Association Championships here in Perth Australia that kicked off today officially!

After practice yesterday the standings looked like this with some familiar names from around Australia featuring prominently.

results from today’s racing can be found on the MORBC website (the hosting Club) here: http://morbc.org.au/live/Web/index.html

Want to see the action live? MORBC have teamed up with Livestream so that you can, check it out at the MORBC website here http://www.morbc.org.au/

Neobuggy are covering the event with photos and reports of which the first can be found at http://www.neobuggy.net/2015/06/03/stringer-sets-practice-pace-at-femcas/

Source: http://www.morbc.org.au/Stage25/ and http://www.neobuggy.net/2015/06/03/stringer-sets-practice-pace-at-femcas/

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