Vaterra Low Roller 1968 Ford F100 Truck


NEW from Vaterra, this 1/10-scale recreation of a slammed ’68 F-100 is all attitude. From its aggressive, low-profile lines to the power and poise of its V100-S chassis, it looks and drives like the big-block muscle trucks that inspired it. Its potent Dynamite® power system and shaft-driven 4WD provide a perfect blend of speed, traction and control that make this truck fun to drive right out of the box. It comes completely ready to run with everything you need to hit the streets. You can even trick it out with aluminum option parts and different style wheels, all sold separately.


Sat on the V100-S chassis this is a make your own hot rod truck with a range of hop up parts and accessories available.  I’m not sure i’ve seen anything quite like this from any of the major RTR players in recent times, and it is certainly refreshing to see something different!

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