We Want YOU!

Promoting RC Racing in Australia, and the results therein is something I set out to achieve on this website, and of late i’ve had limited time and success, and that is why I need YOU to join the team!

I am looking for a Correspondent/rep for each state to help post up about the events, results and happenings in your state as most people are more aware of local events than interstate ones.  So if you are interested in helping out Aussie RC, and if you can write in a word document you can write a post on the page here, then drop an email to aussierc@outlook.com or comment or message me on wordpress or on facebook.

So stand up and help get events in your state noticed from Large Scale, to 8th off road, 8th on road, electric on or off road, crawlers U4RC or Drifting, we want to know about it all!

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