Traxxas X-Maxx – The Lowdown

Ok, the Traxxas X-Maxx is the new player on the block, and I thought it was a direct replacement for the somewhat senior citizen the E-Maxx, that was until I looked at the dimensions and realised that the X-Maxx was truly gargantuan in it’s size! I mean it dwarfs the stampede in the press photos (don’t mistake it for a E-Maxx, that’s a different photo, also included below).


So what of the features that it is touting?

  • Big and fast, check!
  • Traxxas Stability Management, you wouldn’t want to loose control and run into your mates, or a nearby stranger, a broken leg at speed would be a very real possibility!
  • Body Pin free body mounting system, a big tick, but the large physical size makes this easier to implement, but harder to fit different bodies.
  • No gear mesh manual adjustment, just choose the right slot and go.  Mmm, great idea for noobs, but i’m not sold on the concept on the whole, so that;s a split decision for me.
  • Modular Chassis for strength (and easy maintenance) gets a big tick from me, and I can see this spawning some other models easily too.  2wd Baja buggy for example to counter the HPI Baja 5B perhaps?
  • Clean sheet design, about time!  the last one from Traxxas in off road was the Slash if I recall.
  • Self-Righting system – i’m not sold on this, in the video I have seen it seems to work ok, but i’m not sure what penalty the drivetrain pays for the way it accelerates and brakes. This video from RC Car Action gives the car a good once over, and a demo of the self-righting system at the end

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