New Toys, DEX210V2 and Hobbywing Quicrun 17.5t combo

Hobbywing Quicrun and program card

Yes, i have finally spent some money on some more gear for racing. Yes, I wanted to buy the slick new Team Durango carpet Buggy, the DEX210F, but the budget demon just couldn’t justify the price compared with a 2nd hand V2. Also my son is racing more and more and needed a racing design Buggy.

So I am upgrading to the V2 Team Durango Buggy, and my son gets my old V1. I will keep my electronics and he gets the new Quicrun combo which cost me $133 from eBay with program card from Hong Kong, an excellent budget speedy and motor combination from a tried and tested company.

Reviews in both will appear as time permits, so keep your eyes peeled.

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