Hello From the Perth Drift Scene

Hi I’m Noel and I’m a new contributor to Aussie RC, I’ll be focusing on the RC Drift scene primarily in Perth WA. RC drift has been my main hobby for the past 4 years. Like many, I was initially attracted to the casual nature of the hobby meaning that even competitions have a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Driver: Jordon Vukojevich, Photo: Keri MacDonald

The drift scene in Perth has come a long way in recent years. As recently appointed president of Ausdrift, a club which meets at Perth RC Arena twice weekly, I am amazed at the ongoing changes in RC drift globally and at a local level. Over recent years drift has progressed from touring car based AWD chassis to countersteer (AWD chassis with overdriven rear axles to induce countersteer) and now onto RWD chassis with dedicated drivetrains and the necessary steering range to allow true RWD drifting. The emergence of RWD has been a huge leap forward in the realism of RC drift with the experience getting closer to full size drifting all the time. Likewise the tuning of RWD drift cars now has more in common with 1:1 drift tuning than traditional RC tuning.

The chassis common at Ausdrift sessions demonstrate the variety of ways that RWD Drift  can be accomplished with all manner of layout (FR, MR, RR, belt drive, shaft drive, gear drive, purpose built or converted). Many also feature rare or boutique upgrades from various tuning houses to the driver’s preference.

Drivers converge twice weekly to practice at Ausdrift’s home venue Perth RC Arena, with ~160m2 of indoor drift track floor space and about the same again for the shared pits area. Regular competitive events are held every 2 months on average with drivers competing head to head in 2 classes (AWD and RWD) to decide honours. Entry is open to all from kids and beginners right through to pro level drivers.

Round 2 of the Ausdrift 2016 championship is being held this weekend. Keep an eye out here for event results and a wrap-up of all the action.




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