Racing Lines 241 hitting shelves for October


Yes the October 2016 edition of Racling ines is out.  Here is a look at what Aussie goodness you will find between the covers of this month’s edition.

  • Auto Alley (news) looks at the Thunder Tiger Bush Master RTR and breaks news of the new X-ray XT2 Stadium Truck that has performed very well in the recent EOS race series. It also looks at some of Team Associated’s latest small scale offerings as well as prolines new Mini Rock Crawler.
  • Testbench examines the Sanwa MT-S
  • Second look re examines the Helion Four 10SC RTR which has recieved some new gold bling hopups which seems to be taking it’s punishment well.
  • Quads and Drones look at the Traxxas Aton, something I have been interested to see some direct feedback on.  The Air break feature is an interesting on that will be of great help for those trying out the Expert mode on the Aton that’s for sure! and all in all it looks the goods.  There is a second look here detailing a crash between the Aton and a camera quad after teh initial review, and let’s say the Aton survived, and stayed airborne in less than desirable conditions!
  • RC History examines the history of one of the big names in RC, Traxxas.
  • In the reviews DHK’s Optimus XL gets a shakedownby Chris Lander.
  • Rau Munday looks at the Team Associated B6Din details and tests the vehicle.
  • Christian Brunelli gives the Helion Intrusion XLR Monster truck a bashand seems very impressed.  Personaly I am very impressed with Helion as a whole from what I have been reading and experiencing myself.
  • And of course Racing Lines has all the info on upcoming races, race results and reports from around the country.

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