Aussie RC News hits 2000 likes on facebook!!

It’s taken a couple of years, but we have finally surpassed 2000 likes on facebook!  Thankyou to those that have followed us along the way.  This also opens an opportunity for you the reader out there to join the team.  Sorry it isn’t a paid gig, and we don’t get lots of free stuff (I wish, but you never know…).  All you need is the ability to strong together a decent article, have a good knowledge in the field of RC cars, and a bit of free time on your hands.  I want to hear about local events, reviews of gear you have and insights into the latest releases from around the world. If this is you, shoot me an email at or comment or message on facebook.

It seems that the milestones were coming yesterday as personally I finally decided, with some sadness, that I would be moving away from Team Durango for my vehicles.  Yes, I have been very happy, but PARTS are key.  If you can’t get parts, you can’t keep the fleet running, and Team Durango have posted very little news on anything for almost a year now, not a good sign when you look at the droves of customers going elsewhere as a result.  With 4 cars in the fleet (2wd Buggy, ST, SCT & my sons 2wd) there is a gradual change, but at reasonable cost.

So where to go, Xray make nice cars, but as you may recall from my article about the true cost of racing, they costs are high, and no short course truck, although really Stadium Truck is the class I am enjoying most at the moment, closely followed by 2wd stock, so not a huge issue.  It is hard to deny the amazing support that Team Associated give the local market in 1:10 off road in Australia, so that has to be at the top of the list, however Losi have great offerings at a similar price point as well.  So many things to consider here, which way would you go?

For now I will have to look at it closer and you will probably see some musings about this later and which way I decide to go.

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